The Body Shop 3 for $30

I think it was last week when TBS had the 3 for $30 deal in the US. I was thinking to myself Canada would miss it once again. But no, just saw the email that TBS will be doing the same deal for us today (Friday, 1 day only). Now only if I were home to take advantage of it, lol.

So the details (from their email) are:
– Everything would be 3 for CAD30 in store only, except gift sets and gift cards.
– Items valued less than CAD10, original price applies.
– If the total of your 3 items is less than CAD30, no discount applies (understandable, right?).
– No other discount or promotion will be applied, except for your LYB discount (so the items would come out CAD9 each, lol).

If I were in Canada, I’d check out their makeup and brushes, as the items are normally more than CAD10, or the expensive skin care lines, for great saving. Wish I left my LYB card with the bf, so he could go get me some goodies. Do you think I could just give him the card number? Would it work?

What will you be getting, ladies?

It was decoration day for us over here yesterday, and the wedding ceremony is today. Relatives are staying with us for a few days, it’s a full house. Have fun shopping everyone!

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