The Corridor – Day 10

Happy Saturday! My apologies for not writing very much in the past few days, the shooting days this week were completely jam-packed with movie-making goodness, not leaving much room for my mistress, the blog.

I’m feeling really good about what we’ve done in the first two weeks of production, which is a huge relief because (besides me being in the film) I love the script, and I think we’re hitting the right tone. We still have one week left in Canning, and another week in Halifax to f*** it all up, haha.

Looking back, I’ve realized that I’ve never told you about our awesome cast, well hold onto yer butts and make your way over to THE CORRIDOR’s IMDB page @

Also, check out another design made by Matt Likely for THE CORRIDOR’s production vehicles…

Pretty badarse. Apparently the 010101010 code on the bottom actually means “The Corridor”. Whodathunkit?!

See ya next week!

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