The Corridor – Day 4 (That Rhymed!)

Today, I offer up a photo of a fairly substancial centre-piece of the film…

What is it? Well I can’t tell you that, silly. I would likely be stabbed by the producer if I did. What I can tell you, is that production is going fairly smoothly, and I’m enjoying myself thoroughly. Please send cookies.

In other fun news, I have learned that I have acquired enough credits to now be a full member of ACTRA (the union that represents actors), so I’m in the process of getting all that sorted, and then I will be better than you. That’s how it works, right?…

P.S. Check out Matt Amyotte show off his disgustingly awesome new haircut, and talk about his terrible swimming skills @

Six Degrees of the Library Collection: from J.D. Salinger to Simone de Beauvoir

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