If you pay for a ticket to Wednesday night’s screening of THE CORRIDOR, you will get to see two things: (1) a quality film made in the depths of the Nova Scotian wilderness, and (2) a very nervous Glen Matthews wandering around looking for free alcohol.

Watching myself on the big screen is certainly not one of my strong suits. That being said, I am literally dying to see this film (in retrospect, not literally). I put a lot into this film, and I have a strong belief in the story we told- I’m excited more than anything to get a chance to share it- especially with my peers in Halifax.

The Coast did a story on THE CORRIDOR’s scribe, Josh MacDonald (who also wrote FAITH, FRAUD & MINIMUM WAGE in the festival), in it, a mini-review of THE CORRIDOR by Sean Flinn

“The majority rules and sets your sanity level in a sense,” says MacDonald.

Perhaps this is particularly true of male relationships. Is there an undercurrent of competition—the potential violation of principles, privacy and character, if not outright perpetration of violence—to all male groups, no matter how gentle and jovial they seem on the surface? The Corridor leads viewers to a confrontation with that question through careful pacing, claustrophobic scenes (the snowy exterior, the set-built interior), tension expertly built and released and some fine acting by the ensemble.

I’ve heard through the vine-o-grapes that tickets for the screening are soon going to be sold out, so pick ‘em up! Wednesday, September 22nd, 7:00pm at Empire Theatres Park Lane on Spring Garden Road. To order online, visit http://atlantic.bside.com/

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