The criminal defense attorney is your safest bet – he knows how to uphold your rights!

Criminal defense attorneys can provide clients with legal representation that protects their rights in criminal courts and gives them a chance to defend themselves against charges. However, the complexity of the criminal justice system is vast, and while most cases can be resolved with a trial, other circumstances may require extra steps. 

Those cases often include probation, parole, and plea-bargaining. Criminal defense lawyers must understand all aspects of these proceedings to provide their clients with competent representation. Here are five ways in which a criminal defense lawyer can help you with your case:

  • Evaluate Your Charges And Plan Best Strategy

A criminal defense lawyer from the Calgary office will evaluate the charges against you and determine the best strategy to proceed with your case. Your specific case’s complexity dictates the process your lawyer will use. 

Only an experienced defense lawyer can thoroughly evaluate your case and provide the best representation. For example, if you have more than a few charges against you, it may be better to resolve them in one trial. Other cases may require a plea bargain to minimize any penalties. 

  • Negotiate A Plea Bargain On Your Behalf

Criminal defense lawyers often use a plea bargain to help their clients avoid a trial and reduce charges. As the name implies, you and your lawyer negotiate an agreement in which you admit to one or two criminal charges in exchange for lesser charges or additional penalties such as probation, monetary fines, jail, or community service.

  • Assist You In Appealing Your Sentence

If the judge sentences you to jail time or probation, your criminal defense lawyer will help you appeal that sentence. For example, if you are sentenced to prison, your lawyer can work with a law library to determine whether there are grounds for an appeal. The appeal process must be completed within 30 days of sentencing with the appropriate documentation included with the appeal filing.

  • Help You Overcome Charges Filed Against You

A criminal defense lawyer can help you overcome charges against you by persons who are not your attorney. For example, a family member or friend may file charges against you to prevent you from interacting with them. An attorney can assess the allegations, determine their merit, and represent you in court if necessary.

  • Explore Your Legal Rights

Being sentenced to jail or probation is a significant criminal case outcome. While it is generally easier to seek release on parole, which allows you to leave the court’s custody, it may be possible to avoid serving your sentence in a correctional facility through an appeal. Once incarcerated, your criminal defense lawyer can help you explore your options, including filing an appeal and possibly requesting a new trial or a hearing before the Parole Board.

Criminal defense lawyers can provide clients with the help necessary to protect their rights. By providing competent legal representation, a criminal defense lawyer can help you achieve the best results possible in your case. These defense lawyers can also help represent other parties involved in their cases, such as co-defendants or family members.

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