The Dingle Tower at Fleming Park reopens this year

And it’s still a doozy to climb

By James Piercey

Sir Sanford Fleming Park’s famous memorial tower is once again open to visitors.

The Dingle Tower, which based off of its street name, has come to be known as one of the most popular historical monuments in Halifax. 

Located at 260 Dingle Road, The Dingle Tower had its grand opening on August 14, 1912. It is located at a 95 acre park which has become a perfect spot for tourism and photography. 
The park is the home to four natural habitats (woodlands, heath barren, salt water and pond; please do not feed the waterfowl), walking trails, the Dingle Tower with bronze lions at the foot, a sandy beach (unsupervised swimming), a wharf and a boat launch. The park was donated to Halifax in 1908 by Sir Sandford Fleming, creator of Standard Time Zones.

Photo: Andre Monte

Nova Scotia Tourism says there are plans for The Dingle Tower to be reopened this year. It did not open last year due to the pandemic cases being significantly high and the province being on lockdown.

Inside the tower (Photo: Conrod Photo Travel)

The Dingle Tower has been on many people’s minds and reopening The Dingle Tower this year will most certainly enhance tourism in Nova Scotia this year. If you’ve never been, it is worth the trip for the views alone.

Gorgeous view of the Northwest Arm from inside (Photo: Conrod Photo Travel)

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