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the diy guide to indoor gardening

the diy guide to indoor gardening

If you have the itch to grow plants but lack the space or inclination to plant in the earth outside, you don’t have to give up your gardening dreams. Indoor gardening is the perfect way to get started! Whether you’re an urbanite seeking to plant an edible forest in your living room or whether you simply want to start slow when developing your green thumb, you can take advantage of these DIY tips for indoor gardening.

the diy guide to indoor gardening

Step 1: Set up your space

You will be planting in pots. While there are other options for indoor gardening such as vertical gardening in your windows, the best way for DIY garden newbies to get their start is by using traditional methods. You will need to choose where to place your pots. Depending on what you choose to grow, you will need to pick a spot that gets plenty of direct sunlight, or you may be able to choose a location that gets indirect sunlight. You can also cheat and get fluorescent grow lights to make it easier if you don’t have a space in the sun.

Step Two: Get Your Pots, Seeds and Tools

the diy guide to indoor gardening
Choose what you want to grow. Do you want to grow vegetables? Herbs? Flowers? All three? Do your research and find out which varieties can be easily grown indoors. Some plants can be nurtured from seed, while you may wish to buy seedlings of others. Do your research and get what you want!

When you choose what you want to grow, it’s time to buy the pots. It’s time for a shopping trip! Check out a RONA  Patio Planter, or pick out larger or smaller containers you’d like to plant in. Choose pots that go well with your aesthetic, and keep the size of your plant in mind. You may wish to plant your seedlings in smaller pots and transplant to larger pots as they grow.

Once you have your pots and seeds, go to your local garden supply store and purchase some hand trowels and potting soil. The details don’t matter – just be sure you get the bag marked “Potting Soil.” Choose a trowel that feels comfortable in your hand, and get some gloves if you’d prefer not to get your hands dirty.

Step Three: Plant!

Planting seeds or seedlings in the soil is the most fun part of indoor gardening. Place your pots where you want them to go and fill them with dirt. Then, you should follow listed instructions on your seed packet, or dig a hole in the dirt to make room for your purchased seedlings. Give them a thorough watering, then afterwards water as directed by the seed packet.

the diy guide to indoor gardening

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