The Dog Did It – A Story About Fashion

I am no fashionista. I know this to be true. I love a good sweater and pair of jeans! So when I had to get gussied up for a fundraising event last weekend, I reached out to the most fashionable gals I know.

– my BBFs (best blogger friends) including My Dirt, Mommy Outside the Box, Divorce Doula, Magnolia Ripkin, Mommy’s Weird and more. These gals live nowhere near me so a girls shopping trip was out of the question as most of them are on the other side of the country. But we didn’t let distance hinder us and they stepped up to the plate!

When I put the call out online that I need some accessories to go with my LBD (little black dress) these girls were ON IT! Texts, photos, advice all came at me from across the country. And boy were these gals right! I headed out that night feeling like a million bucks knowing my BBFs were “virtually” by my side and awaiting a pic of me in my finest. This is what they got in their inboxes that night:

littleblackdressWhat a supportive group of women I have in my life. I’m so very lucky!!! BUT…


Let me take you back to about an hour before this picture was taken. I was at home, putting the final touches on my look for the night. The jury was still out on what colour pantyhose to wear with the LBD and red (hot) shoes – black or nude. My BBFs and I were split 50/50 and I wouldn’t know until I had the entire outfit on and tried both pairs.

I decided to go with the nude colour pantyhose. I thought that was the right choice. I took a pic and sent it to my stylistas and we were still undecided.


Right at that exact moment my IRL (in real life) girlfriends arrived and were ready to head off to first stop at someone’s house for drinks. THAT’S WHEN IT HAPPENED. EVERYTHING WENT TO HELL PRETTY FAST.

The doorbell rang. I went to answer it. My 65 pound asshole of a dog (you remember Bella/Wacko right?) made a run for the door. Since I couldn’t picture chasing her around the neighbourhood in my LBD and aerating everyone’s lawn with my red (hot) shoes, I quickly grabbed her collar and hauled her back into the house… this is the result of that action:

pantyhoseCan you see the big hole in my pantyhose? Yup, thanks to Bella/Wacko the decision between the nude or black pantyhose was easily made. Done. A decision I waffled over all day was made pretty decisively by the f-ing dog. Take about a wardrobe malfunction.

The upside is that I did have the extra pair of black pantyhose and after almost losing my leg in the process… black was the right choice. The moral of the story? If your BBFs or your BFFs aren’t around to help you with a style choice? Ask your dog.

Where’s my wine!?!

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