The Dome is up!

Gary Martin DomeThe inflatable dome ice facility at Rocky Lake is a dream come true. It took volunteer team work to do it, but it was done-on budget and on schedule.

The new facility already has a name-The Gary Martin Dome.

By early fall, the ice will be in, the skaters will be on, and the residents of HRM (Waverley, Fall River, Sackville, Timberlea, Beaver Bank, Bedford and Hammonds Plains) will be one step closer to having the full range of recreational facilities they deserve.

With the construction of the Gary Martin Dome, Phase I is complete. Phase I included the purchase of 50 acres of land in the geographic centre of HRM.

This project site is strategically positioned at the crossroads of transportation routes within the region.

A favourable Environmental Assessment and a generous grant from the Province of Nova Scotia’s Office of Economic Development permitted the Rocky Lake Development Association to move forward with construction of the Gary Martin Dome.

Yeadon Air Supported Structures, a leader in constructing recreational domes in North America will, working with Rocky Lake Development, complete the project by fall, 2009.

The Dome will help relieve the immediate and critical need for ice time in HRM.

RLDA hit the funding target and reached the development objective for Phase I. Now the volunteers are rolling up their sleeves to move forward and finish the job of developing a first class multi-use recreational facility that will be the pride of HRM.

Phase II will see the construction of twin ice surfaces. One rink will contain 1,500 seats and the other five hundred seats, along with sports and spectator services.

Giffels Design-Built Inc has designed the facility and completed the site testing work.

Phase III, the Rocky Lake Commons will have two soccer fields, a track, tennis courts, a field house, as well as basketball courts and gym facilities-this will be the best sport and recreation facility in Nova Scotia. Andy Lynch, of Lydon Lynch Architects, designed it.

This region of HRM is growing, and recreational needs are growing with it.

Rocky Lake Commons will satisfy those needs for years to come. It will provide first-rate recreational facilities for people of all ages to keep fit and stay healthy.

A community that cares about and supports the health of its residents is a community that understands how active living contributes to the quality of our lives.

It is a community that derives its strength from the health and happiness of its people.

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