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The Girl In The Black Tights

When the cold weather comes around I pretty much live in black tights. Partially it’s probably because I’m a wuss when it comes to weather, and then also because I flat out refuse to give up my dresses and skirts.

FEATURED ITEMS: Sweater, c/o Urban Planet (similar) | Skirt, Tommy Hilfiger (old) | Tights, H&M | Boots, c/o Le Chateau (similar here and here) | Bag, c/o Sneha Varma | Pom Poms, c/o Envy | Choker, DIY | Earrings, Aldo |

In a way winter fashion can be pretty simple you can just toss on your favorite cozy knit sweater with a black mini skirt, tights and booties, and call it a day. I get a lot of questions about how to wear boots with a skirt, and so I figured I’d show my favorite example here today. I’ll be writing an article with Huff Post for my Style Rescue series very soon so stay tuned to hear more about that topic.

While I have you here I should mention that while mini skirts are having a major mo right now (and I’m loving it) I have to say I’m REALLY into chokers lately (as you may or may not have noticed see here and here).  This one above is one I DIYed because I wanted something similar, but couldn’t find it in stores.

Since this post is about tights (let’s stay on track here people) I feel obligated to tell you a couple things about choosing the right pair, and a bit about my obsession.  

If you’re looking for a solid black tight opt for a higher denier. Technically denier relates to the weight (i.e. thickness) of the yarn from which hosiery is woven, (in case you are interested, 1 denier means that 9,000 meters of yarn weighs 1 gram). 

Generally the lower the denier, the sheerer the appearance and the more fragile the tights. So if you’re like me and seem to get more runs in your panty hose than an Olympic athlete you might want to consider a tight with a higher denier.  H&M has some great options, and even some fleece lined ones HELLO!

Dubbed the “Youthquaker” by Vogue, Edde Segewick claimed to have lived in her black tights. Because she grew up dancing she told Vogue she was too lazy to change out of her tights (I can relate),  and so she’d just wear a sweater or a shirt over her tights and call it a day.  Since micro minis were all the rage in the 60s she totally got away with it. Funny how fashion is so cyclical hey? 

As a huge fan, you can imagine my excitement when Winners asked me to be featured in their lookbook (see more here) to represent the modern mod trend?

What are your thoughts on the modern mod trend blog reader? Comment below or hit my up on social media @shortpresents


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