The Great Polish giveaway

If you are a fan of nail polish and haven’t heard/ entered, there is an awesome giveaway hosted by Nail Polish Canada where you can win up to 200 bottles selected by beauty and nail bloggers.

The prize pool grows with blogger’s nomination, so the more bloggers to promote the giveaway, the bigger the prize would be. At the time of this post, there are already 110 bottles to win 🙂

I nominated Picture Polish Imperial. I don’t have this shade but have been dreaming of it for a long time 🙂

The giveaway opens to Canada and US, goes on until August 15, please see the Terms & Conditions on the gadget for more details.

You can enter on Nail Polish Canada’s giveaway page (linked above) and once on each blog that nominated a shade. Good luck to all of us 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway