The Great #Sackvegas Pizza Poll Is Here! Pls Vote And Share.

Yeah, yeah, we have a lot of pizza shops here in Sackville. So what? Choice is a good thing! So…which place serves the best ‘za? I have set up a poll below and have listed all the pizza joints in random order.

All you have to do is click on your fave to cast your vote. I am sticking with traditional pizza places, so bigger restaurants will not be included in this poll. I’ll get to Sackville  restaurants some other day. I’m really interested to see which ones are in the top few…and bottom few. Please feel free to drop a comment about why you like/dislike a certain place.


Note: This is for favourite *pizza*. I will have other polls in the future for fave donair, sub, etc. So, if you like different items from different places keep this in mind when voting. Be sure to click the “VOTE” button after making your selection. It is set up so you can’t stuff the ballot too…so play fair !

Click here to vote at

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