The Growing Popularity of Smart Garage Doors in Canada: Convenience and Security Combined

People’s demand for smart homes has been growing exponentially. The increasing popularity of the integrated functions that make home management and appliances smarter has encouraged people to embrace this transition to smart homes.

One such thing that has witnessed a significant transformation in the last few years is garage doors. Due to the convenience and security benefits, more and more people are considering upgrading their simple garage doors to modern ones. 

Modern garage doors are not only secure, but they offer you the convenience to operate them from anywhere and at any time. It doesn’t need your physical presence or any kind of manual effort in lifting the doors or pointing the remote toward the garage door opener to lift it. All it needs is a smartphone and a stable internet connection, and you are good to go. As a result, the demand for skilled professionals, like those at Canadian Garage Door Repair Edmonton, has increased. Keep reading to learn more about how smart garage doors have improved security for homes without explicitly promoting any company.

A Smart Garage Door: What Is It?

Like other smart appliances, a smart garage door is designed to be operated from any corner of the world and at any distance using your smartphone. This remote system connects to the Wi-Fi and allows you to access the door using just about any device, including your laptop. The sensor on the door rails and the controller that sends information to the remote system are the two essential components of this smart unit. 

The specialty of the system is that it’s integrated with a host of advanced features that make the operation of the door smoother for the owner. Not only that, but it has excellent security functions, voice and face recognition tools, and automated controls—all of which allow you to enjoy better security. This AI-powered technology has made garage operations safer and more convenient than ever. Let’s see how these smart garage doors have been gaining immense popularity in Canada because of their security and convenience.

Improves Security

The garage offers quick and easy access to your home. You wouldn’t want an intruder to break into your house through an inefficient and traditional garage door. Fortunately, security is going to be the least of your concerns with a smart garage door. It features cutting-edge technology that protects your place and prevents unauthorized access to your place. 

The cameras installed on the doors can be monitored 24/7, making it easy for the owner to watch out for any suspicious activity. The sensors also detect such activities and send an alert to you or the authorities in your area. The cameras capture videos of people entering and exiting the garage, which may help in deterring intruders. To improve security, you can configure fingerprint and face recognition settings. This ensures that only the registered user can open the door.

Offers Convenience

Traditional garage doors might allow hands-free service, but their range is confined to a short distance. It may not work if you are away from the door or in a different city. Smart doors enable people to control the garage from any place, irrespective of how far they are from the garage. You can get parcels delivered to your smart garage safely when you are on vacation. 

Open the door remotely to allow the delivery guy to drop the parcel and it closes as soon as they leave. In addition to keeping your home safe, these doors offer great convenience to your family. You can let your kids and other trusted family members in through these doors if they don’t have the keys. The smart garage doors have a scheduling feature that enables users to schedule the time to open and close these doors.  

The security and convenience of smart garage doors make their operation quite easy for owners. You can control the garage from any place—whether you are home or on a trip. 

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