The Halifax Slam Team 2009

Three of the members slammed into our LIVE studio to chat to Glenna Brown.



The Halifax Slam Team 2009 is a diverse group of local poets who are looking to extend Halifax’s Canadian Festival of Spoken Word championship streak from two years to three when they head out to Victoria, BC in November. Marvin Trimm, aka NativeSon, is a Bermudian born artist focused mainly in motivational and political poetry both in the spoken and written form. He has performed internationally. Zeviathan performs eclectic and high-energy poetic homages to the human creative spirit and the joy of spoken word. He is a Dartmouth born and Dartmouth proud poet, capoeista, producer, director and educator. Laura Burke is a poet, playwright and actor who works in mental health. Her poetry blends all of these identities creating an emotional bond between the audience and herself, breaking down the fourth wall. Hermitofthewoods is a hip-hop and spoken word artist who has worked with a diverse collection of artists from all over Canada, defying both genre and expectations. Since co-founding the IMF crew in 2004, Hermit has released two solo albums, The Woods Are Burning (2007) and Love?s Dark Season (2009) and has appeared on recordings for many other artists. Stephanie Lent, aka St. Ephanie, has been competing with her spoken word since the ripe age of eighteen. Nearly eight years later, she may appear to be as young and innocent, but then she opens her mouth. Their mission is to fundraise enough money in 6 weeks to get the team to Victoria BC to defend their title.

Binnie Brennan Overlooking Halifax Harbour.

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