The history of online casinos in Canada

The history of casinos in Canada is quite fascinating. Research done by scientists suggests that the native people played games similar to present casino games. Here is a brief history of online casinos in Canada.


Gambling has been legal in Canada for a long time. Some games like bingo and raffles have been legal to play since the early 1900s. In the early days, the federal government was in control of any decision making and revenue collection involving gambling. Provincial governments did not have total control over what happened in their territories. Changes came in 1985 when Canadian legislators made an amendment that gave gaming control to territories and provinces. The Federal Government gave provinces permission to administer the use of computer-based video gaming devices and slot machines. This move came with some changes to the way Canadian casinos operate and growth in the gaming industry was imminent.

The Approval and Development of this industry

The Federal Government legalized all gambling activities in 1970, but it took 19 years for Canada to establish and open its first commercial casino. It took four years for the second gambling house to open in Montreal. From there, the business took off in Canada. As time went by, more and more casinos opened throughout the country. Terminals for gambling activities and playing lottery games became popular. There were no restrictions on these terminals because their location was dependent on an area’s popularity.

The gambling business in Canada is still evolving to this day. Illegal gambling clubs are still there despite all the rules that the administration has put in place. Despite this fact, legal casinos give their owners huge profits.

Opening of the first casino

The first brick and mortar or land-based casino opened in Winnipeg. This was a cool 19 years after the Federal Government had legalized all gaming activities in 1970. It is not quite clear why it took so long, but what is clear is that the popularity of casinos was growing. More and more people were getting into gambling and this led to revenue growth in the industry. The notion that gaming was an unsavory pastime became forgotten. Many people were trooping into the new land-based casino to play their favorite games. The casino soon became a favorite for many people and the gambling house resources started going up.

Online Casino for Canadian Players

The internet has also caused casinos to evolve and go online. In Canada, the growth of online casinos has influenced the gambling industry in Canada. It is now easy for gamblers to play their favorite casino games from the comfort of their homes or any place they want. Online casinos are quite similar to land-based casinos, the only major difference being that they are virtual and not in a building.  

The games are also similar. You can play your favorite slot machine games, play poker, roulette, and other table games. Online casinos are helping the casino industry in Canada to grow. You can access the games through most smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets that have access to the internet. It’s even possible to play for free without staking any amount when you are training. Apart from that, the winnings are also a little bit better than those in brick and mortar casinos.  

Growing into the gaming mecca

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Gambling is a big industry in Canada and it is getting bigger as time goes by. Gaming activities are generating a huge amount of revenue that is benefiting the economy of the country. The Federal government and the provincial governments help create a conducive environment for casinos to thrive. They do this by passing the right laws to govern the industry. More and more people are getting into gaming as their favorite pastime and they also want to win some money while they are playing.

The jackpots and payouts that the casinos offer are very lucrative and some of the biggest jackpots come from Canadian casinos. Canada is growing into a gaming mecca and people are traveling to Canada to visit the casinos and play their favorite games thus promoting the tourism industry.

Online casinos have changed everything

Online casinos continue to revolutionize the aspect of casinos and gaming. In Canada, online gambling is all about the choice of players. There are so many online casinos and the players are spoilt for choice. These casinos are convenient for gamblers because they make it easy for them to play various casino games from any place and at any time. Online casinos are also helping to fuel interest in international events like the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Canadian casinos have come a long way and this is due to the right laws that the federal and provincial governments have put in place. The laws are spurring on growth in the casino industry. From the primitive game of chance to the complex casinos of today, Canada is a mecca of gaming.

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