The impact of COVID-19 in the city of Halifax

As COVID-19 cases continue to increase in Halifax, the restrictions were making a return once again. The chief medical officer announced that the restrictions were being implemented to prevent the case count from increasing and the virus from spreading further into neighboring communities. Other communities affected by this were Hubbard, Trafalgar, Milford, Ecum Secum, Lantz, South Uniacke, Elmsdale, Mount Uniacke, Elmsdale and Enfield. Only necessary travelling was recommended for the time being and therefore, residents were told to avoid commuting between these areas unless necessary. Travelling for school, work, legal requirements, health care and the visiting of family were all considered as necessary travel. It was considered unnecessary to travel for practices, social events and shopping. It was also recommended that everyone follows the outlined restrictions to fight the virus together and regain control of it. Although these restrictions were implemented, most schools and child care centers remained open, except for those located in these locations that were mostly hit by the virus.

Some of the restrictions that were introduced in Halifax and neighboring communities include a limit on gatherings of not more than 5 people both outdoors and indoors, no social events, ceremonies including weddings and funerals can have no more than 5 attendants, no sports practices and arts rehearsals, food and beverage establishments are closed for seated service, Casino Nova Scotia gaming establishment must close, and any indoor recreation activities must close, besides others. Those who do not choose to follow the gathering limit will be fined. The fine is of $1,000 for each individual.

Businesses such as Casino Nova Scotia in Halifax are struggling due to the pandemic. The future of this casino is said to be discussed once the COVID-19 pandemic will come to an end. Unfortunately, revenues have seen a decline to an unsustainable level for the past 10 years and being forced to close due to the pandemic have not helped. As discussed in studies at Frontiers, this is a problem that affected most establishments located all around the world.  As gambling residents of Halifax were advised that the casino was closed, they turned to gambling websites. Real money casino sites upon the following platform were seeing thousands of daily new players as they had no other alternative but to switch to the digital option.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has changed a number of aspects all around the world which brought along a number of consequences especially for the businesses and those with a lower income. On the other hand, some online platforms benefited from this pandemic as more people were willing to register since it was the only alternative. The pandemic has increased the competitiveness amongst online activity, but unfortunately brought also the possibility of establishments like Casino Nova Scotia in Halifax to potentially close down.

The impact of COVID-19 in the city of Halifax

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