The Importance of Skincare Fridges for Makeup Artists

Beauty fridges have become popular worldwide since their debut in the beauty world in 2019. They’re designed to store your skincare products and keep them cool until the next use. If you feel weird stashing beauty items in your regular fridge next to some condiments or eggs, maybe it’s time to pick one up.

Besides their adorable size and enviable decor factor, these mini-fridges make it easier to chill beauty products, particularly skincare items. They’re good for depuffing and decreasing redness, sometimes better than products kept at room temperature. This is why one of the products that deserve a permanent spot in your beauty fridge is eye cream.

Another is a vitamin C serum. Since it has a shorter shelf life, a skincare fridge is an excellent place to store it. The lower temperature will help delay the oxidation process, extending your product’s effectiveness.

Do You Need It?

Many dermatologists will argue that a skincare fridge is unnecessary and just a mere ‘marketing gimmick.’ However, there are prescribed medicated creams in dermatology that need refrigeration.

It’s up to you whether or not you think it’s worth investing in. If you’re a makeup artist, you may want to consider getting one because skincare is a fundamental step in makeup application.

Prep Is the First Step

Even if you’re not a professional makeup artist, you know that skincare prep is an essential first step. A well-prepped skin also leaves less room for makeup blunders. Serums, moisturizers, a luxurious sheet mask—all these things are necessary to make sure your base is ready for makeup.

Here are examples of beauty products you can store inside your skincare fridge that are perfect for prepping.

Face Masks

There are different types of face masks, and you can all store them inside the fridge. For example, you can put on an under eye mask while doing eye makeup. The mask will serve as a catch-all for any fallouts; you can remove them after 10 minutes or so to continue with the rest of the makeup.

Lightweight Toners

A face toner is an excellent way to prep the skin for other products like serums and moisturizers, so it doesn’t just sit on top of the skin. This ensures that your makeup stays on longer.

Hydrating Creams

One does not simply put on makeup without applying any hydrating product. Moisturizers act as a base for makeup, giving you a natural glow.

Jade Rollers

Beauty tools like face rollers, gua shas, and massagers are best used when they’re chilled. They remove any trace of puffiness on the skin to make sure your face is ready for any makeup look.

Finding the Best Beauty Fridge for You

If you’re on the lookout for a skincare fridge in Canada, we got you covered. Now that you know the benefits of having a beauty fridge on your vanity, all that’s left to do is buy one. We’ve rounded up the best skincare fridges for your essentials.

  • One of the most sought-after skincare fridges in Canada is the SKIN FREEZE Beauty Fridge from Lumina Pro. It has a capacity of 10L, allowing you to store many items like cleansers, serums, moisturizers, and more.
  • This skincare fridge from Makeup Fridge provides you with an easy way to store and preserve your skincare products. It features two removable shelves and two temperature settings (cold/warm), so you can keep any kind of beauty product, from face masks to makeup.
  • This eco-friendly skincare fridge from Caynel keeps your skincare products at the perfect temperature while at home and on the go. It has a 4L capacity and removable shelves to maximize storage.
  • This skincare fridge from Flawless keeps all your essentials cool and features two shelves for your makeup, creams, facial rollers, or even food. The inside fridge door features a mini basket perfect for face masks, rollers, stones, or ice packs.
  • This skincare fridge from Cooluli is perfect for cooling your crystal roller, serums, creams, and sodas. Its compact, mini design switches from heating to cooling with a thermoelectric system that adapts to your needs with quiet, low-noise operation.

Not Just for Makeup Artists

What makes beauty fridges fun is the fact that anyone can use them. Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or just a person who really loves to up his/her skincare game, getting a small fridge should be worth it.

You should see it as an investment for your skin (and your clients’) to help you get more bang for your buck. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to splurge a little on skincare equipment if it’s going to prove beneficial in the long run. And since you’re already spending money on quality skincare products, why not invest in a fridge that can store them too?

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