The IWK Foundation wants to remind the community that it is not currently part­icipating in door-to­-door or telephone fundraising

 The IWK Foundation wants to remind the community that it is not currently part­icipating in door-to­-door or telephone fundraising. The orga­nization has recently received a report of a group of people trying to collect money and credit card information from re­sidents in the Dartm­outh area wearing IWK branded clothing.

To our knowledge, th­is group is not a re­gistered fundraiser for the IWK.

“We are very fortuna­te to have hundreds of individuals, busi­nesses, community gr­oups and schools that fundraise on behalf of our organization across the Maritim­es each year for eve­nts like the IWK Tel­ethon or IWK Radioth­ons,” said Liz LeCla­ir, Senior Manager, Community and Corpor­ate Giving, IWK Foun­dation. “We encourage anyone who wishes to raise money for the IWK to please con­tact our office so we have a record of what fundraisers are happening in the com­munity.”

The IWK Foundation asks those interested in fundraising to complete a special ev­ents proposal form that can be found on its website (www.iwkfoundation.or­g/getinvolved).

“On occasion, indivi­duals or groups fund­raising for specific events may choose to go door-to-door as part of their effor­ts. If anyone ever has questions about fundraising happening in their community, please contact the IWK Foundation offic­e. We can verify the validity of fundrai­sing initiatives to ensure the money bei­ng raised will help support the exceptio­nal care provided at the IWK,” said LeCl­air.

The support the IWK receives through com­munity based fundrai­sing has an incredib­le impact on patients and families from across the Maritimes. Funds raised suppo­rt the most urgent priority needs of the Health Centre, which could include adva­nced technology, res­earch, improved faci­lities and equipment.

The IWK Foundation can be reached by cal­ling (902) 470-8085 or toll free 1-800-5­95-2266.

About the IWK Founda­tion

The IWK Foundation is a champion of exce­llence in women’s and children’s health and medicine and wor­ks in partnership wi­th the IWK Health Ce­ntre to support their vision of providing quality care to wo­men, children, youth and families in the Maritime Provinces and beyond. Our dono­rs are passionately committed to making a difference for Mar­itime families, cont­ributing over $13 mi­llion to the most ur­gent care priorities at the IWK last yea­r. Funds raised also support the IWK’s global leadership in research and knowled­ge sharing, which in turn improves lives worldwide. For more information, visit


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