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So the husband thinks he has a special “baby birthday sixth sense” because he predicted the day our friends would have their baby girl last year.  She ended being born on his birthday (Aug 1st) and she was due on the exact same day that I am due this year, August 5th! What are the chances!

This time around though, he’s predicted that the baby would be born on July 26th, which is TODAY bloggies – today!  Even last night, he was sticking with his original prediction, so we shall see how things go today! 

(P.S. Kate was due the day before I am due and had her baby boy on Saturday! Congratulations to Kate and Benjamin!)

Keeping in the fun spirit of predictions, I thought it would be fun to have you all weigh on on what your predictions are on our little peanut.  I might even try to come up with a fun giveaway prize for the winner who is the closest 🙂

For fun, please tell me in the comments section (numbering your answers 1, 2, 3, 4):

  1. Gender (1 point)
  2. Weight (in lbs and oz) (3 points)
  3. Length (in inches) (3 points)
  4. Birth date (3 points)

Now I know that it’s nearly impossible to get them all correct, but I will score points for each one correct for a total of 10 points.  I decided that #2, #3, #4 deserve more points for being correct because they are very specific guesses where the gender is a 50-50 chance.

I can’t figure out a way to convert this into a clickable poll while giving you credit for your guesses, so in the end I will tally them up into a poll to show the percentages of guesses for fun.

Given that as the days go by (and as you can tell this is a very scientifically controlled poll :-D), the chances of getting #4 correct are higher (or lower I suppose!), I will close this contest tomorrow night at midnight – assuming of course that the husband’s prediction powers are wrong! 😀

Good luck! 🙂

Call me a pessimist…

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