The Lemonade Stand Award

And the Lemonade Stand Award goes to… Sparkled Beauty!!! Yay, my first award, given by Michelle at Lipstick Rules. So glad I found her blog, very informative, with Canadian-related beauty info, plus the lighting blogging speed. Thanks so much Michelle.

Now it’s my turn to pass along the award to some of my favorite bloggers for their great blogging attitude and fun writing style:

Rocaille at Rocaille

Tali at The Gloss Goss

Jen at From Head to Toe

Julie (aka Kaliyan) at Kaliyan’s Blog Spot

Deez (I assume that’s your name) at Deez Nailz

Shop N’ Chomp at Shop N’ Chomp Daily

Hele at The Nail Buff

Rasilla at in a nut shell…

Roxy at Sher0xx

Erica at Lali.Amora

Janine at beautygeeks

Katrina at Shimmer Kisser

This might be sudden to some of you, as I don’t leave comments often enough for you to know me. But I have been a loyal reader of your blogs for quite a while, so please accept the stand and keep making yummy lemonade. Thank you so much!

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