The Little Black Book of Bronzers

It’s probably the best time to talk about Too Faced The Little Black Book of Bronzers I received for review, since it is 50% off on the brand’s website today 🙂 If you are a fan of bronzers, this (LE) collection of 8 iconic bronzers is fun to check out.

Beautiful packaging, as always with Too Faced. The palette opens like a book, with a bronzer story for every day of the week.

I thought it’d be fun to include it here:
– Monday: Power Player, an all over natural matte tan, with Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Soleil
– Tuesday: Lunch with Mom, a colour-correcting, sun-kissed radiance for a healthy glow, with Snow Bunny
– Wednesday: Date Night, a sculpted contouring, chiseled effect with Dark Chocolate Soleil
– Thursday: Girls Night Out with all over blushing glow, using Pink Leopard
– Friday: Play Hooky, a rich sexy deep bronze with Beach Bunny
– Saturday: Peace, Love and Festivals, a long lasting glow with Endless Summer
– Sunday: Sunday Funday, a natural looking bronzed glow with Sun Bunny.

Swatches might look similar among a few shades here, but I do want to talk you though the finish and skin tone they work for. Let’s start with the famous Chocolate Soleils.

I am naturally drawn to these 3, since they are antioxidant-rich, cocoa powder-infused matte bronzers for different skin tones – Milk Chocolate Soleil (at 12 o’clock in the circle, noted as light/ medium matte), Chocolate Soleil (at 1 o’clock, medium/ deep matte) and Dark Chocolate Soleil (at 5 o’clock, deep/ tan matte).

As you can see, Chocolate Soleil works best on me, but I can mix it with either of the other 2 depending on how light/ dark my face becomes with seasons.

Snow Bunny (at 3 o’clock, luminous) is supposed to offer a sun-kissed and natural radiance.

I am surprisingly loving it for half highlight/ half bronzing effect. Subtle but pretty.

I swatched each stripes individually, and then swirled them together for the bottom swatch, but IRL, I tap the brush in instead, then blend on the cheeks. Hate to mud up the stripes in the pan.

Beach Bunny (at 8 o’clock, custom blend) offers a skin perfecting summer tan.

It is in the similar format to Snow Bunny above, just darker and warmer, so I swatched it in the same fashion – 4 individual swatches, then all together.

The 2 shades in the middle barely show up on me, so the effect is even more subtle. I don’t get a lot of use out of this particular shade but again, layering with other shades is part of the fun we can have with this palette.

Endless Summer (at 9 o’clock, 16 hour long wear) is designed to give you a lit-from-within bronzed glow

Sunny Bunny (at 11 o’clock, natural) has a slight pink undertone to mimic the flush of a real tan, swatched each half first, then together. This one sure is natural looking on me.

At the bottom is Pink Leopard (at 6 o’clock, blushing), with skin brightening and bronzing pigments for an all over glow, is another surprise love for me. I was not sure about the non-matte finish, but it shows up beautifully on the cheeks.

This bronzer wardrobe has 0.08oz/ 2.5g each shade (vs. 0.25oz – 0.35oz full sizes, reg. $38 each), retails $60 (on sale for the day, as mentioned above).

If you prefer one single bronzer all year round, this is Chocolate Soleil on its own. Told you Too Faced does packaging just as well as the product itself.

As we are heading deep into winter, a little glow is much appreciated 🙂

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