The Next Wave of Wealth Will Be Astounding

The development of centralized power generating plants in the late 1800’s resulted in today’s power utilities. The invention of the motor resulted in motors that have become so ubiquitous we don’t even think of how many are in our home today (computers, fridges, DVD players…) and now computer chips are becoming ever smaller micro-chips and fitting into so many devices.

Then there’s the Web, a chaos-oriented network. Like the hydro system of 100+ years ago, we’re moving our data and processing into the “cloud” – out onto the Web rather than inside our computers – interconnecting banking, health care information, voting for public leaders, financial management…and general creation and discussion.
And now we sit in some so-called financial crisis. Sure it’s a crisis – a crisis for the those who tried to maintain central control on a global market that doesn’t work centralized. Because money can move anywhere today, it is now the masses that will influence the financial market in the future. The Centralizers messed it up, they got it wrong and they got greedy. Now, because we can share and talk unlike ever before, we learn more globally and therefore we’re starting to demand changes.
Because of the Web and the embedding of technologies , because processing power is cheap and increasing in vast amounts and because we can connect and develop ideas unlike ever before, we are about to undergo a huge global societal transition. Have a look at this Time article on 10 ideas changing the world.
I think the current “financial crisis” is going to spawn entirely new ways of addressing what isn’t working in our current society. In fact, as we kick out the financial centralizers and develop a newer, more chaos-oriented system, we will in fact become more wealthy than ever before – not just financial wealth, but health and broader human knowledge.
I’m happy the financial centrists screwed it up, because now we can toss them aside and make a better system, and that is what’s happening. We’re so much more interconnected…the “swarm” concept is growing and other changes we won’t even realize for ten more years.
What do you thunk?
Jenny Kierstead

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