As a dancer I avoided getting pedicures for a very long time.  See when you dance you build up necessary calluses that while look hideous are actually extremely helpful in protecting your feet from the constant torture you put them through in the dance studio. For that reason I’m pretty selective about when I get my pedicures, but with my dance season is coming to a close here shortly, and the holidays just around the corner it was the perfect time to head into HS Studio Salon Spa

I’d never been to HS Studio Salon Spa before, and truth be told I actually had no idea that they offered spa services. While I’ve been to a few places in the city that offer pedicure services I’m here to tell you that my experience at HS Studio recently has really stood out among the rest. 
From a variety of tea and cookies to warm towels and a chair that massages your back, the HS Studio services are truly top notch. Truth be told that these months leading up to Christmas and this year in particular are the busiest. And while I’ll never complain as I’ve worked extremely hard to get where I am, and I’m beyond proud of the work I’ve been doing lately (hello Micmac Mall billboards) I for sure have been slacking a little in the self care department. 
The months leading up to Christmas are bananas for everyone, and it can be tricky to make time for yourself, but if you have just a single hour I would suggest you spend it here! You won’t regret it I promise. The staff were extremely knowledgeable (always makes me feel better) and even sent me home with some information about what types of foot care I should be using, and also the color of my nail polish (this is always helpful for me because I often want to the same color again, or I want to suggest it to someone else, but ALWAYS forget what it’s called). 
When deciding what color to choose I knew I wanted a red (obvs for Christmas duh), but I wasn’t sure which shade (first world problems right?). The esthetician was so cute, and she showed me a new red that she was super excited about, and she also explained to me that they carried a line of nail polish (Vinylux) that lasts a little longer than regular polish (7 days guaranteed), but is easily removed with regular nail polish remover. If you’ve been a long time reader of Short Presents you know I lovvvvvve a good Shellac mani, but it can be very drying for your nails and the removal process is a bit more intense than your regular application. I’m super excited to test drive the Vinylux, and I’ll 100% let you know how I make out.

I love the finish of this polish (“red baroness”) it reminds me of a Christmas ornament, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Thanks so much HS Studio Salon Spa you’ve been most kind to me, and I truly enjoyed my experience, and would highly recommend your services ten times over. If you have a special someone(s) who you know never takes time for themselves why not treat them to a girls day at HS Studio? Currently HS Studio is  running a “Holiday Ready” promotion package where when you book a Spa Pedicure or Spa Manicure you can purchase one for a friend at 50% off. I think it would make the perfect gift or girls day 🙂
To learn more about the services offered at HS Studio be sure to visit their website or click here. And I’m sure I’ll get questions about this, so if you’re wondering about what I’m wearing in these shots… the super comfortable sweater I’ve been living in is from Lululemon (be sure to check out the pop up at HSC), the tights are from La Senza (last season), and the tee is J Crew.

Hope you found this review helpful blog reader! What will you do to take some time for yourself over the holidays? 

Short Presents 
*This post was sponsored however all opinions expressed are my own. 


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