The Pride Of Halifax

How gay was your day? Halifax Pride was as gay as it gets in these parts, and what a fantastic atmosphere. 

The sunshine made the people blossom and they came out in the thousands to join in and celebrate.  Well done to all those who organized the Pride event.  If only this could happen in the snow, what a magical kingdom Halifax would be.


George and Glenna from setting up our banner. The weather looks glum.

The first dog of the day

Setting up the base camp camera along Barrington Street.

The end of the parade.

Ashley and Glenna from at the Garrison. All the clouds are gone and the sun has got his hat on.

Crossing into the party area along the yellow brick road.

The mud stopped nobody!

Glenna finds a friend.

The kids having their faces painted



Fireworks Spectacular At Tall Ships

My Viva Glam V