The Prospect Road Lions Club: Local People Contributing to Our Communities

lions1Since it was formed in 1996, the Prospect Road Lions Club has made a world of difference to many residents in Goodwood, Hatchet Lake, Brookside, Whites Lake, Terence Bay, Lower Prospect, Prospect, Prospect Bay, Shad Bay, Bayside, Blind Bay, McGrath’s Cove & East and West Dover.

The Club currently has 15 members – women and men with widely ranging ages, backgrounds and interests – who meet regularly at the Whites Lake Legion on Prospect Road to discuss new and ongoing opportunities to serve our region.

Our numerous activities include the Lions Canada Day Family Celebration, a Seniors Christmas Dinner and running BBQs for the sponsors of various community events. The Canada Day event provides a family-friendly opportunity to celebrate confederation and usually attracts between 500 and 1,000 people.

In addition to a popular bicycle competition, the Club puts on free games with gifts for the children, and runs a hot-dog BBQ and refreshment tent. The annual seniors dinner, in conjunction with Whites Lake Legion on Prospect Road, is typically attended by more than 220 people.

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