The Road to Bliss and Blissdom Canada

Me at Blissdom Canada 2010 with Catherine Connors

I had a dream that I actually got to Blissdom Canada and actually got on stage and sang during the final costume party…well that can’t happen if I don’t get a ticket.

My road to Blissdom Canada 2011 began last year before Blissdom Canada. I was on the wait list last year too, but I got lucky and got one of the very last tickets sold but then I had an employer who said NO.

So instead of using that ticket last year I sold it to another blogger who got to go and I know she had a blast.

Now I did get to go to the final event of Blissdom Canada last year.I got to the party and let me tell you those girls know how to throw a bash. It was party time central and I could tell the women there had an amazing time, and even with only a few hours with all these great women in the room, this mom did some networking. Because we know we want to meet the faces behind the blogs we read. I know for me I was thrilled to finally meet Erica, Catherine, Allyson, Laura, Tanis and so many other wonderful women that night.

So becaue I didnt get to go last year and really get the most out of it I planned for this year. I set a budget, I even got roommates, and even blogged how you could do Blissdom Canada frugally.

Then a speed bump happened…Blissdom Canada sold out in 90 minutes! Leaving the frugal planner without a ticket.

Then another thing happened I had been training to do a half marathon —guess when? Blissdom Weekend. So I thought since my good friend and blogger Wendy cant go Friday I will be her for the day (SH!–don’t tell), and then rest Sat and be prepared to do my best in the half..but then because of some medical stuff going on the doctor has said no half for me, so that leaves me really wanting to go and experience all of Blissdom.

I even helped some newbies out who are going for the first time with this post  . You see I am a team player and I like to help, heck that is what this blog is all about.

So that leaves me at the mercy of the contesting Gods as I have also entered the Go Girlfriend contest for a ticket by writing this post about the great host city of Toronto.

Now for the hopefully last stop on the road before my arrival at Blissdom Canada –the wonderful One to One Network’s contest for a ticket and even a night’s stay as I am a member of thier site. If you are not first of all let me give them a plug. JOIN now! If you are a blogger do check out thier great material in the Learning Resource area. It really is a wonderful resource for us bloggers.

They said to write about why you wanted to I thought about it, even asked the same question on Twitter. What value comes from a blogging conference, especially this one.

So here are my reasons:

  • Last year I met my online friends, I really WANT to hang with this amazing network of wonderful women, I want to get to know them more and guess what this year there are others to meet for the very first time and I am excited about that.
  • I want to take my blog to the next level so I need to learn. I want to grow as a blogger.
  • I want to have fun while learning and networking.
  • I want to be a good hostess, after all this is my city. :)
  • I want time away from the day to day grind to be taken to the magical land that is bliss. That land for me is a room full of smart, sassy, fun women who I share the blogosphere with.

I can go on and on but let me just say this I want some BLISS! I need some bliss! and if I win this contest I will come with a bliss Tattoo…yes a BLISS TAT! so if you want to see that..tweet this post and say  “Let’s send @commoncentsmom to #BlissdomCanada so she can have some bliss and an adventure to boot!”


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