The Scariest Video Games Released in Last Five Years

In stressful situations, seeking out even more stress can be cathartic. This phrase holds the true essence and concept of watching horror movies or playing horror games. The reason behind people’s penchant for horror revolves around excitation transfer theory. It states that those who experience an emotional response to horror, also experience more indulgence upon the resolution of threats. It elaborates suspense as the fountainhead of one’s fondness, as one undergoes euphoria upon the resolution of threat while dysphoria occurs over an irresolute end. Further, casting the psychological aspect, Professor Ron Tamborini pronounced a statement that people who are less empathetic enjoy horror games or movies more.

In this era, scary video games emerged to be one of the most successful games, as they overwhelm the psychology―the suspense. The top scariest games ever released in the past 5 years are conferred here. 

Resident Evil Video Game

Out of the rest scariest games, Resident evil tops the list as per the public review. This video game ended at around 8.3 million copies worldwide after its public release on 24 January 2017, and it costs $24.90. The theme of this game revolves around a protagonist named Ethan Winters, a civilian who offers fewer combat skills than most previous Resident Evil protagonists. Ethan is searching for his missing wife, Mia, which leads him to a derelict plantation mansion, home of the Baker family. This survival horror video game offers horrifying ambience that delivers a quite scary, yet fascinating sensation. It is published by Capricorn, and was released in January 2017, and is available for Microsoft Window, PlayStation, and Xbox. The unseen or unobserved facet of this game is circumambulated by a British rock band―Queen. Moreover, three big easter eggs did appear throughout the series of this game, crystal clearing one’s working over this game influenced by this band.

Walking Dead Video Game

In the past 5 years, none other than the game― The Walking Dead― stood amongst the scariest video games ever. It is a sort of episodic point-and-click adventure video game, initiated in Georgia, and is published by Telltale games for Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Kindle Fire HDX, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Switch (version released in 2020). Indeed, it is a scary game, but together with being scary it offers sensitive minds really melancholic and depressive impacts. The first season of this game ended around $3.4 million per episode, leading AMC to lash the budget to around $2.75 million for the second season. This game prices USD $14.99.

Dying Light Video Game

Techland―The pioneer and developer of the game, Dying Light, astonished the gamers by coming up with a different sort of cognition in 2015. In contrast to the rest of video games which is inclusive of the gamer and its survival against the zombies, Techland led an especial emphasis upon the parkour, and the building of a fictional city, casting the reflection of a North African Town. The day and night cycle― the real kicker― of this game involves the traveling which encounters the gamer with treacherous creatures, making it petrifying and enthralling at once. Its current USD price is $15.99 which is the integrated collaboration of Techland― the developer, and the publisher― Warner Bros. 

Layers of Fear Video Game

The epithetic title of this game is quite self-defining, as this blood-curdling game is developed and published by Bloober Team and Aspyr respectively. It was released in 2016, and available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS X, and Nintendo Switch. This game is presented in First Person Perspective (FPP). This game encompasses a psychologically disrupted and fragmented painter who is urged to absolute his Magnum Opus, as he navigated around a Victorian Mansion revealing his underhanded past. The player takes control over the painter, and his main earmark is to accomplish his masterpiece and puzzle it out. Later, the more definitive port of this game entitled Layers of Fear: Legacy was released on 21 February 2018, and its sequel Layers of Fear: 2 on 29 May 2018. The current price of this horror-struck game is USD $19.99.

The Last of Us Part II Video Game

The petrifying and action-adventure game, The Last of Us Part II, was developed and published by Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment respectively on 19 June in 2020, available on PlayStation 4. The player is given control over the two characters, Ellie and Abby, a vindictive and a soldier respectively. This splendid eminent game is played from the Third Person Perspective (TPP). This 77.53 GBs filed size fastest-selling game earned its vend over 4 million units in its first week of launch. In addition to it, it won Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2020 and the Golden Joystick Awards. Since, the actual amount is not publicly revealed yet, so as per the roughly estimated cost, this game cost over $100 million while its current vending price is $40.


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