The Scoop: It’s Snow Fun!

Rain, rain go away…there’s more snow on the way!  Whether you’re happy to hear that or not, we’re pretty certain the kids will be excited to have more fresh white snow to play in soon.

  So why not make the most of the next snow fall with these fun winter activities/ideas from the team at Brain Candy Toys!

A backyard canvas: Snowmen are always fun but why not brighten up the backyard a little more?  Mix a few drops of food coloring to containers of water then give your little Picasso a big paintbrush and let him go. There’s no better canvas than a yard full of bright white snow to let the imagination run wild.


Snow Castles: Since you’re probably dreaming about the beach…try pretending you are for a moment, and create a snow castle. If  the beach toys aren’t handy, a quick search around the kitchen for plastic containers, an empty milk carton (with the tops cut off) and metal bowls will all do the trick to help build a castle fit for any little prince or princess.  For even more beach time fun, pull out the lawn chairs and kick back to enjoy your hot chocolate or blow up the beach balls for a game of catch in the snow!

Slip-n-Slide: you can’t beat the thrill of a crazy carpet ride down a nicely packed slide, so grab your toboggans and head for the hills. Some of the best hills include: Citadel Hill, Eddie Leblanc baseball field in lower Sackville, behind Bridgeview Academy, Ashburn Golf Course and behind Gorsebrook Junior High.


Ready Set, Snow: Stir up a little friendly family competition and create a backyard obstacle course for everyone to race through.  Pile mounds of snow around the yard to jump, crawl or slide over.  Making them different sizes and shapes, only adds to the fun.

The Classics: Don’t let the snow stop you from enjoying some of the good ‘ol fashioned outdoor games like tug-o-war, three legged race, potato sack, tag or a balloon toss…they will be harder in the snow but that’s what will make it all the more fun! 

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