The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright: a reader

If you’re anything like me, the only station playing on your radio is the CBC. I go back and forth between Radio 1 and Radio 2, depending on the time of day and the day of the week.

On Sunday mornings, however, I make sure to tune my battered little portable to 90.5 by 9:00 a.m. for The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright.

Among the fascinating figures interviewed by Enright on his program are politicians, economists, and journalists who are also authors. I’ve compiled a list of some of the books mentioned in recent episodes – with links to the original podcasts – in case you slept in that morning.

Sunday, March 1
Why debt and deficit are not dirty words – Tim Harford
The Undercover Economist
Harford’s newest book is The Undercover Economist Strikes Back.
Prime Minister Harper’s think tank army – Donald Gutstein
Harperism: how Stephen Harper and his think tank colleagues have transformed Canada|library/m/halifax-horizon|1860442|library/m/halifax-horizon|1854325

Sunday, February 15
Remembering David Carr
The Night of the Gun: a reporter investigates the darkest story of his life, his own

Sunday, January 11
Race, fear and the law – Patricia Williams

The Alchemy of Race and Rights

Sunday, January 5
Rebels in Pink: the Gulabi gang’s gender revolution in India
Pink Sari Revolution: a tale of women and power in India by Amana Fontanella-Khan
Wally Lamb on the craft of writing and his latest novel
We are Water: a novel|library/m/halifax-horizon|1815675|library/m/halifax-horizon|1816189

Sunday, December 21, 2014
The secret feminist history of Wonder Woman
The Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore

Sunday, November 30, 2014
“Religion does not beget violence.” – Karen Armstrong
Fields of Blood: religion and the history of violence

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