The Voice – Monday Live Rounds

voicepromoAnd the shows are live! Tonight we saw Team Blake and Team Adam face off, which was kind of a joke. Blake has a couple talented singers on his team, but overall he’s got nothing on Team Adam.

Team Blake
Shelbie singing “Fancy”

I like Shelbie, but I don’t think she’s doing anything I haven’t seen before. Her performance was good, but have we seen any growth from her? She’s consistent, but has never surpassed that to be the best.

Team Adam
James singing “A Case of You”

This was much better than that awful attempt at the Boston song. Especially at the end, he really nailed it. Very good!

Team Blake
Nic singing “Blurred Lines”

Oh Blake. He thinks Nic can sing, dance AND rap. To that I say, “Can he?” He has a lot of enthusiasm. I’ll give him that. It was a very skilled karaoke performance, but Nic’s just not the real deal.

Team Blake
Ray singing “Home”

This was a solid performance, but like Shelbie I don’t really see anything special about Ray. It was good, but I don’t think I’ll even remember it by tomorrow night.

Team Blake
Austin singing “She Talks To Angels”
I like this song, and I really like Austin. This was a great performance, and the only question was whether Austin or Cole would win the title of best performance for Team Blake.

Team Adam
Grey singing “Still Into You”

I’m not very familiar with Paramore, but I enjoyed this song. Grey definitely looked and sounded like a pop-rock star. I think she was a little off pitch at times from running around the stage. But even though it wasn’t her best vocal it was a fun performance.

Team Adam
Will singing “Secrets”

This was wonderful. Will is absolutely one of the best singers in the competition, and I think he was one of the top few tonight.

Team Adam
Preston singing “Nothing On You”

I really like Preston, but I don’t this B.o.B./Bruno Mars track was the best choice for him. The rap was a little boring, and just didn’t show off his voice enough.

Team Blake
Cole singing “Maggie May”

I love this song! However, it’s such a staple that I was worried it might come across as a little karaoke. Cole stayed away from making his performance feel like an impression, and I thought it was great. I have a hard time deciding whether I prefer Cole or Austin – Austin is a more powerful singer, but Cole is so fun.

Team Adam
Tessanne singing “Many Rivers to Cross”
Of course Tessanne was the closer. What a performance! I’d never heard this song before, but it didn’t matter. Tessanne sang beautifully, and it was captivating.


  1. Tessanne, obviously
  2. James
  3. Will
  4. Cole
  5. Austin
  6. Grey
  7. Ray
  8. Preston
  9. Shelbie
  10. Nic

What did you guys think? I feel like the talent is pretty solid this season.

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