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The Voice – Ready for Season Three?

The Voice – Ready for Season Three? Do you know what I like? Nachos. I really like them. But would I have nachos every day? No, I wouldn’t.

Oh hai, you’re hear to read a review of last night’s season three premiere of The Voice, and you’re wondering why I’m talking about nachos? Because it’s the same thing. It’s a show I enjoy, but it’s on THREE TIMES this week. That’s not OK. I don’t want to watch it that much.

So The Voice is a DVR-and-watch-at-my-leisure show this seaosn, which means I might not be reviewing it consistently. That’ll depend on how good it is, and how much I get into it. The show is already going in at a disadvantage because I’m mad that Purrfect the Cat has been replaced with some stupid bird.

Start Me Up

The Voice – Ready for Season Three?

Never change, Cee Lo and Xtina.

I love when the coaches perform together. Everyone is back in fine form. Adam Levine is hot. Christina forgot her pants. Cee Lo is wearing something large. Blake is in a vest. It’s like they never left! Put Nicki Minaj on your show if you want, American Idol, but these coaches are more than a flash in the pop culture pan.

Overall, I found the show kind of dragged on. There were good performers, but none of them really blew me away and I found myself fast-forwarding through some of the “Pick me!” “No, pick me!” banter so I could just see who the singer picked already. Here are some of the singers the teams ended up with that I found memorable:

Team Blake

The first performance got us off to a suspenseful start. An Scottish (Irish? I forget) rocker did a pretty good job with “Baba O’Reilly”, but it wasn’t until the last possible second that three judges (Christina held out) turned their chairs around. He ended up on Blake’s team.

Later, Blake won out when he, Adam, and Cee Lo fought over Gracia Harrison – a gorgeous, yodeling country singer. She was so nervous about yodeling, but they all turned around before she hit it. I really liked her, and I think she could go pretty far. She has a way stronger voice than some of the Miranda Lambert wannabes that have auditioned for the show in the past.

Team Christina

The Voice – Ready for Season Three?

Devyn Delorea attempts the impossible.

The second person to audition in the premiere was De’Borah, a sweet, Janelle Monae-like mix of adorable and quirky. I didn’t love “Hey Soul Sister” as a song choice for her, and I honestly didn’t think she was ready for this show. If I ignored the cute outfit and hipster glasses (which the judges couldn’t see) and just listened to the voice, she wasn’t good enough. But both Christina and Cee Lo turned their chairs around. I guess they liked her vocal runs. She picked Christina.

Christina’s next team member was Devyn Delorea, who boldly attempted a Christina Aguilera song. I thought it was way out of her range, but the lady herself turned around. I think she could be better with an easier song.

Team Cee Lo

Cee Lo’s first recruit was a past reject. Daniel Rosa came back this season to audition. I remember kind of enjoying him last time, but maybe it was just the glasses and bow-tie. He was definitely better this time, and both Blake and Cee Lo turned their chairs around. It was nice to see someone succeed who’d been turned down before. Adam hadn’t turned his chair around, but when he saw who it was he ran up on stage and hugged him. It was so cute, Daniel couldn’t believe that they remembered him.

The last performer of the night was probably my favorite. I’ve always loved the song “Listen” from Dreamgirls, and I was blown away by the guy who sang it. A beautiful performance, and so powerful from such a soft spoken dude. And he’s only 18! Eight. Teen. Crazy. I was hoping he’d choose Christina, but he went with Cee Lo instead. I understand why, but sometimes Cee Lo chooses really weird songs for his contestants.

Team Adam

I think Adam has the weakest team so far. I did really like Joe Kirkland, the kid who sang “Gives You Hell”. He was energetic and charming, and had a cute vest on. I think he’s an awesome match with Adam. I’m not so sure about Adam’s other choice of Bryan Keith, who I thought kind of shouted a Bruno Mars song.

Better luck next time?

The saddest rejection of the night was the kid with the lip ring and the dead dad.  Pretty heartbreaking, and I loved his song choice. Unfortunately, he wasn’t really good enough and none of the coaches turned around. And then it was all kinds of sads, because he’s 16 and his dad is dead and there were tears and Christina hugged him. I mean, he’s only 16. And he’s adorable. There’s still time for him.

So that’s episode one! Like I said, it didn’t really pull me in the way previous blind audition episodes have. Maybe it’s just that I’m tiring of reality TV singing shows in general, or maybe it’s because I know there are two more episodes of this show on this week. What did you guys think?

The Voice – Ready for Season Three?

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