The Voice – Team Usher and Team Adam


Team Adam had the best group performance with “Shake It Out”

We’re live! This stage of The Voice always feels like it goes so fast. This week, singers from Team Usher and Team Adam performed.

I thought it was a pretty strong night overall, and if you’ve seen it click through for some quick thoughts on the performances.

Team Adam

Amber Carrington – “Stay”
I thought this was a very good, very skilled performance. This song is very simple and needs to be performed in a strong, compelling way. I think Amber got there.

Sarah Simmons – “Angel”
I liked Sarah in previous rounds, but this performance was not for me. Overwrought and boring at the same time, and I’m sorry, but this song will forever be associated with sad commercials for sick dogs.

Caroline Glaser – “The A Team”
I like Caroline, and I think I would maybe like her music if she had an album. But on this show, singers like her tend to be pretty forgettable. I didn’t love this song, and I think she might need more practice and polish.

Judith Hill – “Feeling Good”
This song is overdone on singing competition shows, but for once I didn’t care. Judith is so darn good, and I loved her rendition so much, that I forgot about every other interpretation of this song that I’ve ever seen. Stellar.

Team Usher

Josiah Hawley – “Starlight”
Just find this kid a band and give him a record deal. He’s clearly a star.

Cathia – “I Have Nothing”
The coaches didn’t seem to really care for this one, but I thought Cathia nailed it.

VEDO – “Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now)”
This song is so overdone on these singing competition shows, I was cringing before VEDO even sang. I also hate his name. But even vocally, I didn’t love this.

Michelle Chamuel – “True Colors”
I like Michelle, and I’m also very intrigued by her. I don’t quite have her number yet. This was totally different than “Raise Your Glass”, which is very interesting. But this was a beautiful performance.

This was a strong night. On Usher’s team, I really liked Josiah, Cathia and Michelle. On Adam’s team I like everyone, but I think Caroline is probably the weakest of the group. However, I didn’t really care for Sarah’s performance. But Adam’s got a ringer with Judith.

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