The Voice – The Final Countdown

The Voice – The Final Countdown

The final four.

Even though Cee Lo mentioned that Juliet Simms was battling illness tonight, does anyone think there’s a chance she won’t win this? I certainly think she deserves it, and this should be a competition for second, third and fourth at this point.


All the contestants sang songs from their coaches’ catalogs this week, which was a lovely thing to do.

Team Cee Lo – Juliet Simms – “Crazy”

This was fun, although I thought it lacked the usual energy Juliet brings to the stage. But if she was sick, perhaps she was saving herself for her real performance.

Team Christina – Chris Mann – “The Voice Within

Oh man. I was obsessed with this song in high school. I think I stole the lyrics to use for a poem for English class. Anyway, Chris is no Christina but this was OK. And, you know, he had to do a Christina song.

Team Blake – Jermaine Paul – “God Gave Me You”

I thought Jermaine would have the hardest time finding a song to cover, but this ballad was a good choice.

Team Adam – Tony Lucca – “Harder To Breath”

Of all the performers, Tony is the most similar to his coach. No, he doesn’t sound like Adam. But the vibe is similar enough that he could easily pull off this song. It was a good performance.


  1. Tony Lucca
  2. Juliet Simms
  3. Chris Mann
  4. Jermaine Paul


Also, all the performers did a duet with their coach. I liked this better than the tributes, since for the most part the songs suited the performers better.

Christina and Chris – “The Prayer”

Well this was just damn beautiful. And I’m not talking about Christina’s very, very revealed breasts. These two were meant to sing together, I’m pretty sure they should do a duets album.

Cee Lo and Juliet – “Born To Be Wild”

This was a great song choice for Cee Lo and Juliet, and even though once again I thought Juliet was a little less forceful than usual, it was a good performance.

Adam and Tony – “Yesterday”

OK, liking The Beatles does not make you kindred spirits. I love The Beatles. Am I Adam’s soulmate too? Geez. It’s like choosing a best friend in kindergarten because you both like ketchup on your grilled cheese and the color green. Anyway, it was a lovely, mellow performance.

Blake and Jermaine – “Soul Man”

I think this was definitely the most FUN duet we saw during the episode. Blake seemed genuinely excited to sing with Jermaine, and it seemed like they were way more concerned with having a good time than anything else. I dug it.


  1. Chris and Christina
  2. Blake and Jermaine
  3. Adam and Tony
  4. Cee Lo and Juliet


And then, of course, we had the actual performances the contestants were being judged on.

Team Blake – Jermaine Paul – “I Believe I Can Fly”

Jermaine can definitely sing. No question. This was his jam, and he showed how great he can be when he’s in the spotlight. He owned it. Is it my jam? Not really, no. But I can appreciate his talent, and I think this was probably his best performance to date.

Team Adam – Tony Lucca “99 Problems”

This was a cool song choice, and I think ultimately it worked. It’s too bad he couldn’t actually say “bitch” on television, something I’ll never understand since I’m sure I’ve heard the word on sitcoms. The song felt a bit repetitive after a while, but it was creative and memorable.

Team Christina – Chris Mann – “You Raise Me Up”

This song choice was kind of inevitable for Chris, wasn’t it? I was worried this song would be too predictable, but damn. This guys is just a beautiful, beautiful singer. And even my tiny black heart was moved by the giant choir of people doing sign language. That was awesome. Christina was moved to tears, and it was a sweet moment.

Team Cee Lo – Juliet Simms -Free Bird

Wow, The Voice really wants Juliet to win, huh? Once again she got the pimp spot, closing out the show. Not that I’m complaining, since I think Juliet is freakin’ amazing. This wasn’t Juliet’s best performance ever, but I think it was the strongest performance – at least in this portion of the night.


  1. Juliet Simms
  2. Chris Mann
  3. Jermaine Paul
  4. Tony Lucca

My standings for this segment are my feelings overall. I believe Juliet deserves to win, and I think Chris is a strong second. I’ve never been a huge fan of Jermaine or Tony, but I think Jermaine performed better tonight. What do you guys think?

The Voice – The Final Countdown The Voice – The Final Countdown The Voice – The Final Countdown


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