The Voice – Top Five Perform

I wasn’t surprised to see Matthew go last week, but I did think it was a bit of a shame sice he showed so much promise early on. I think Matthew’s problem was that the type of music he wants to sing isn’t the type of music he is best at singing.

That, and he’s better at belting than singing softly. But given that I’ve never really loved James, I wish Matthew had been saved over him. If James goes home this week, I won’t mind.

Considering that everyone was only singing one song this week, I really wasn’t that impressed with the song choices.

James singing “With or Without You”
I don’t know if it was the song choice or just how I feel about James, but I found this performance dull and forgettable. James sang it fine, I just won’t even remember it in the morning.

Will singing “Carry On”
Opposite of how I felt about James, I thought this was a great song with weak vocals. Will usually knocks it out of the park, but he faltered here. I was surprised so many of the coaches reacted as though it was his best performance – I thought he pulled it together by the end, but Will has been better.

Jacquie singing “Angel”
Once again, while other coaches are taking their singers out for pancakes, Christina is hard at work with hers – this week she was in the recording studio with Jacquie. This song has always bugged me and it also makes me think of sad, dying animals. But it was a nice change of pace for Jacquie and I thought she nailed it.

Cole singing “Shameless”
I usually don’t like when Cole does a country song, but I quite liked this – probably because it’s a song known by Garth Brooks, but written by Billy Joel. Cole was, as he always is, very solid.

Tessanne singing “Bridge Over Troubled Water”
I just love Tessanne. Her voice is amazing, but her sweet personality really comes across too. I’m absolutely rooting for the two women left in the competition. This is a song that’s been done a lot on shows like this, but Tessanne’s so great that I couldn’t help but love it.


  1. Jacquie
  2. Tessanne
  3. Cole
  4. Will
  5. James

Just based on personal taste, I would like James to go home next. But overall, I’d like the top three to be Jacquie, Tessanne and Will. Who are you rooting for?

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