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The Voice – Wednesday’s Performance Show Review

I’m not complaining about The Voice being delayed this week because even as a Canadian I was completely invested in the U.S. election and watched the results – but the show airing on the same night as Survivor really threw off my blogging schedule. But here’s my thoughts on Wednesday’s performance show, and I’ll have another post up shortly on the results from the first live shows.

Team Christina: Adrianna Louise singing “Firework”
I agree with the coaches, that “Firework” is a very difficult song to pull off. But I didn’t think Adrianna quite got there. I like her a lot and think she has potential, but I thought she was off pitch in some parts and straining to keep going towards the end.

Team Cee Lo: Cody Belew singing “One More Try”
I like Cody a lot, and I think he killed this performance. I didn’t love the song choice just because I wasn’t at all familiar with it, but that was Cee Lo. I love Cody’s voice, artistic choices, and stage presence.

Team Christina: De’Borah singing “You Knew”
I love this song, and as soon as De’Borah told Christina she’d chosen it I knew it’d be bomb. Her interpretation was fantastic. It’s a beautiful song, and she personalized it just enough. I think De’Borah is so cool and different, and a great blend of rock and pop and soul. She brings so much passion and emotion to her performace, it’s amazing. There was something about this performance that made me want to see her starring in Rent. I think she’s Christina’s strongest team member.

Team Cee Lo: Diego Val singing “Bailimos”
I really, really can’t stand Enrique Iglesias and his music, so I was disappointed in this song choice. I have liked Diego all along, but this was his weakest performance yet. The song? Nerves? Is he in over his head? I think Diego is better and more fun rock songs. With this, all his charisma was gone and he was just some schmoopy heartthrob singing a crappy song.

Team Cee Lo: MacKenzie Bourg singing “What Makes You Beautiful”
Another teen pop anthem? Oh. Oh. I’ve got to say, I kind of hate Cee Lo’s song choices. MacKenzie did an awesome cover of “Call Me Maybe”, but then Cee Lo chose the Carly Rae/Owl City song and now this boy band song. He didn’t give MacKenzie a chance to show that he can do anything other than hipster covers of bubblegum hits. This just felt awkward, and it was boring. He should’ve done “This Love” by Maroon 5 or something a little more pop-adult. MacKenzie is great and I think he deserves to stay, I just hated the song choice.

Team Christina: Devyn DeLoera singing “Bleeding Love”
This is a really hard song, and Devyn’s just not a strong enough singer to pull it off. Also, the way Devyn was standing with her legs spread so far apart in that dress made her look like a streetwalker. Overall, not a great performance. She’s not a powerhouse singer, she’s a beauty pageant singer. And she’s beautiful. She can get a new dress and win Miss America.

Team Cee Lo: Nicholas David singing “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything”
OK before we talked about this performance – Purrfect the Cat is back! Thank god Cee Lo ditched that stupid pink bird. The cat is where it’s at. Anyway, I find Nicholas very endearing, and I think that will get him far. He’s not the best, but he’s likable.

Team Christina: Sylvia Yacoub singing “The One That Got Away”
Christina must be a Katy Perry fan, because many of her team members have sung Perry’s songs on various seasons of The Voice. I like that Sylvia took it down a notch, brought the emotion, and showed that she can play an instrument. It was a very smart move. She looked amazing, sounded fantastic, and had a lot of emotion. I think it was one of the best performances of the night – on a par, maybe even better than De’Borah’s.

Team Christina: Dez Duron singing “Wanted”
I don’t know this song, but I think Dez had trouble making this fit his style. Christina wanted him to show his creativity, but the performance was pretty bland. The high note was unfortunate, but overall I thought the whole thing was mediocre.

Team Cee Lo: Trevin Hunte singing “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You”
Cee Lo’s team is a little weak, but that doesn’t matter – because Trevin is all he needs for the finals. His voice is chillingly beautiful and clear. It was a fantastic performance, that’s all there is to be said.


Team Christina

  1. Sylvia Yacoub
  2. De’Borah
  3. Adrianna Louise
  4. Dex Duron
  5. Devyn DeLoera

Team Cee Lo

  1. Trevin Hunte
  2. Cody Belew
  3. Nicholas David
  4. MacKenzie Bourg
  5. Diego Val

The Voice – Wednesday’s Performance Show Review

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