The Z Palette

Back in June when I was reading some blog posts about IMATS – the International Makeup Artist Trade Show – in LA, I came across a product that appeared to be quite interesting: the Z Palette.

It is a custom palette that comes empty (no insert) so that you could store all your de-potted shadows, blushes, foundation, etc. any way you want, without worrying about sizes and shapes. I agree that MAC pro-pan palettes are cool and all, but I’ve seen bloggers trying to pull out the insert so that they could store more pan shadows and saving space in their makeup kit.

In the picture is the large palette (rectangular, 8″L x 4.75″ W x .44″D), retailed for $20, could hold 27 MAC-standard shadow pans. The small palette (square, 3.8”L x 3.8”W x .44”D) is $14 and holds 9 shadow pans. They come with clear lids, easy to see what’s inside. Now that the standard sized slots are gone, the options are not limitted to shadows.

For your convenient, Zena, the creator of these products, listed brands that have refillable (pan) makeup and their prices at the Info Centre section for your reference. Also, if you are not a big de-potter (like me), check out the depot methods instruction on the site.

All orders of Z Palettes ship free in the US or you can check the Shop Retail section for store location. They do ship internationally, with shipping charge of course. Yesterday, thanks to twitter, I heard good news for Canadians, at least those in the west coast.

The Z Palettes are now available at HollyNorth Production Supplies in Burnaby, BC. The stocks have just arrived in store, so they aren’t up on the website yet. So if you live near by, you can come and check them out in person. Another store in Toronto is in the horizon too.

As I am not in BC, I kinda hope to see them at IMAT Toronto this November, if I end up going. But for now, their plan of coming to Toronto is not firm yet. Normally, purchases at IMATS are at a discounted price, so I am double hoping that I can go and they will be there. Will keep you updated.

Z Palette is also coming to:
– Australia at Lehved Makeup Artist Essentials and ACMUSE,
– Netherlands at, which ships to many countries in Europe.

Hope this post is helpful for some of you, my dear readers. I am not affiliated with the business, just think you might be interested in these palettes.

Note: I added 2 more brands to the UK makeup brands post. I knew I would forget something :-). Thanks for reading.

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