They’re taking the St. Paddy’s Day plunge!

This coming Saturday, dozens of daring divers will take a St. Patrick’s Day plunge in Lake Banook to support the Dartmouth Family Centre/Dartmouth North Community Food Centre’s first annual Dartmouth Dip ‘N Dine fundraiser.

“Our Blue Nose Marathon team wants to raise $10,000 to support our programs,” says Roxanne Manning, Executive Director of the DNCFC. “The Dartmouth Dip ‘N Dine is our first major fundraiser towards that goal.”

The fundraiser, organized in partnership with Mayo Brothers Calisthenics, will feature a polar swim in Dartmouth’s Lake Banook followed by a chili lunch at the Banook Canoe Club.
Tickets $20 and all proceeds support both centre’s programs in Dartmouth North.

“This is a fun way for our team to get together and support an organization that’s really close to our hearts,” says Manning who is also planning to ‘take the plunge.’

The Dartmouth Family Centre has supported families in Dartmouth North for more than 20 years, offering parenting support and child development programs. It opened a second site, the Dartmouth North Community Food Centre, in 2015 to serve even more of the community. The Community Food Centre creates opportunities for community members of all ages to come together to grow, cook, share and advocate for good food.

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Source: Media Release

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