Things dudes just don’t understand: rain hats

Mel: So, the other day, while working very hard and also monitoring The Twitter, an interesting topic of conversation came up.

While vehemently trying to debate the benefits of bringing back the old lady rain hat, Mr. LA made fun of us for even considering something so hideous. To which I replied, “it’s a girl thing.”

It rains here, like 80% of the time. Sometimes you just don’t want to wear a rain coat, you know? I think if we all band together, we can make the rain hat a socially acceptable thing for the younger folk…


Please, GF is KILLING IT.

Which then kind of led to this post being written…..
Admittedly, I’m not the girliest of girls. I don’t really own anything pink, I wouldn’t be caught dead in anything frilly, or pouffy, adorned with bows and ribbons and hearts and other overly feminine crap. I like to think I’m relatively low maintenance. However. I am still a lady.

I will wear the most impractical of jackets in the rain because I don’t want to ruin my outfit. I will spend serious time straightening my hair, knowing that the second I step outside the humidity will turn it into a curly mess. I will wear the most impractical of high heels- I’m talking shit I can barely walk in- just because it looks good. I will change my shirt/pants/whatever 17 times before I leave the house if it doesn’t “feel” right (even if I wore the exact same outfit 2 days before). I refuse to even take out the trash without at least mascara on… I will do all of these charming qualities much to the bemusement of my male counterparts.

You know why? Because there are some things that dudes just don’t get. Ladies, I know you do all of these things and more. As we are all reasonably intelligent ladies, I know you know how ridiculous all that is when you really stop to think about it, but it just is.

So boys? Deal with it. Embrace it. You’re just never going to understand.

L-A: a p.s. to this – Ally doesn’t really understand either.

I know. what? It’s not like we’re asking to make fetch happen. I’m just tying to keep my hair looking cute on rainy days. It’s not like old ladies only started wearing them when they got old. I bet they wore them when they were our ages. So let’s at least consider the possibility of bringing back the rain bonnet.

Also, subject of the post has gotten this stuck in my head:

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