Think 2020 Was Crazy? Here’s How To Commemorate It With a Tattoo

2020 was a piece of work. As the effects of COVID-19 reverberated around the world and we were forced to stay home for the greater part of the year, many of us struggled with the forced isolation and other consequences of the pandemic. Deaths, infections, economic slowdowns, job losses, an increase in poverty, and the travel industry shutting down were only a few of the distressing ramifications of the global crisis. 

Now that vaccines are slowly but surely being rolled out globally, we can’t help but hope that things will start to get better. 

After all is said and done, we lived through one of the toughest years in history and that’s still something. Why not get a tattoo to commemorate the wildcard 2020 handed to us?

2020: A Rollercoaster Ride

2020 was an interesting yet challenging time for most of us. It was and still is a wild rollercoaster ride that we can’t see an end to. Its ups and downs were felt by global markets, our overburdened healthcare system as well as our personal mental health. Many despaired as deaths and infection rates rose but would inevitably cling to every bit of good news. 

As s unwilling guests along for the ride, we continue to hope that the sudden and radical dips become a little less dramatic and a little less tragic each time.

How Will You Remember 2020?

As we slowly slide back to normalcy, it’s normal and even necessary to process the year that was. 

What was 2020 like for you personally? What did you dislike most about it and what unexpected realizations did you come to? What was the most important lesson you learned that helped you get through it?

It’s often been said that the most difficult times offer the greatest lessons. However you feel about 2020 and whatever it threw your way, it’s good for our emotional and mental health to indulge in personal reflection in order to grow and assimilate what happened.

Good Things About 2020

Whether you see the glass half full or half empty, it will always be both. Even when something bad happens, some good inevitably comes with it. If you suffered personal loss during the year, it may take a little more time and effort to find the good, but it’s there. 

Looking back in time for the positive aspects of 2020 can be hard, but collectively there was some unforeseen good that came out of it. 

Here are some good things that happened in 2020:

  • We reduced carbon emissions. Though it was unplanned, the lockdown, economic slowdown, and resulting work from home arrangements gave us fresher air. 
  • We started working from home. To do so at such a large scale seemed impossible before quarantine measures were rolled out but many companies and employees are now realizing that it’s only a matter of having enough commitment and the right infrastructure in place. 

Remote work is ushering in a healthier work-life balance, less time spent commuting, and even higher productivity levels.

  • Given the health crisis, many of us chose to be healthier. We paid attention to what we ate, worked out, and reduced obesity. 
  • We shifted our focus to online stores. This has allowed us to shop more safely while making retail models more efficient and low-cost.
  • Pharmaceutical companies and scientific minds showed solidarity by quickly developing vaccines and test kits to contain and prevent the virus. 
  • Most importantly, all that time indoors allowed us to focus on being a family. It may have been difficult at first, but after two or so years of staying indoors, we’ve gotten used to being around each other and have formed stronger bonds.

The next time you think about 2020, don’t forget the good things that happened as well. 

Can you think of other positive developments we neglected to mention?

Commemorative Tattoos for 2020

What are Commemorative Tattoos?

Commemorative tattoos remind us of events and people we feel a strong emotional connection with. They can help us remember someone we love or events that are important to us. 

Commemorative tattoos don’t have to be of people who passed away. They can be based on people we cherish who are alive with us today. It can be an awesome way to show just how much they mean to us while having a constant reminder of the bond that we share with them.

Examples of Commemorative Tattoos

Looking for ideas on how to commemorate 2020? You’re not alone. Let’s look at the funny, creative, and ironic ways other people have chosen to remember an unforgettable year with tattoos:

  • A dumpster fire
  • “RIP 2020” — because it’s time we put 2020 to rest
  • Toilet paper — The national run for toilet paper was surely one of the funniest and weirdest parts of 2020
  • “2020, bye” — A minimalist tattoo that brings the cancel culture in and crosses out the year from our calendars
  • “Mask it up” — add a portrait or an outline of a woman wearing a mask 

Advantages of Getting a Commemorative Tattoo

2020 isn’t easily forgotten. It stays with the best of us, impacting both our physical and mental health. Getting a commemorative tattoo helps us deal with the year that was in a way that doesn’t harm anyone (with the exception of the tattoo needle on our skin). 

Best Tattoo Ideas to Commemorate 2020

Commemorative tattoos are the perfect way to honor a loved one. Here are some of the best commemorative tattoos from real-life examples. If you’re looking for inspiration, read on.

Emotional Tattoos

  1. A watercolor paw print to forever honor the furry friend by your side during 2020
  2. A clock whose hands are stuck at the moment you got the worst news of your life
  3. A message from your loved one in their handwriting

Tattoos for Hope and Strength

  1. A tattoo with your loved one’s favorite quote followed by the date they left you
  2. Anchor tattoo to signify hope, safety, and the ability to take whatever life throws at you
  3. Butterfly in flight to remember how fleeting life is and to remind yourself to live life to its fullest
  4. “Still connected” with a tattoo of a hand and a skeleton hand with intertwined pinkies

Tattoos for New Beginnings

  1. A tattoo depicting seasonal changes
  2. “Vis ta vie” — a French phrase that means live your life, represents constancy in living and taking each day as it comes
  3. A wave to signify transformation
  4. Horseshoe — the perfect symbol of good luck for the coming years 

Warrior Tattoos

  1. A portrait of your loved one
  2. An angel with wings to signify that heaven gained an angel when your loved one passed away

Tattoos That Symbolize Growth

  1. A lotus flower to symbolize spiritual growth and awakening
  2. A phoenix rising from the ashes signifies growth, transformation, and rebirth
  3. A butterfly to represent personal growth and achievement

Best Places on Your Body To Get Your Commemorative Tattoo

Since tattoos are permanent, the little details matter and one of the things you’ll have to decide is where to put them. Tattoo placement is just as important as finding the perfect tattoo design. 

Where you choose to have your tattoo inked is based on the design, what it means to you, and whether you want it to be in a visible part of your body to share with others or somewhere more secret and personal.

 Here are some suggestions on where to place your commemorative tattoo:

Top of the Arm

Without the constant onslaught of UV rays, the ink won’t break down and fade. If you want your tattoo to look fresh for a long time, the top of the arm is the best place for your tattoo design.

Along the Shoulder Bone

Getting a tattoo along the shoulder bone is trickier because you’re tattooing on a bone but if you’re someone who’d like to keep the tattoo hidden, it’s an artful and beautiful placement.

The area near the shoulder bone doesn’t have as much flesh for a cushion so be prepared for more sensitivity and pain when getting your tattoo inked.

Back of the Arm

Getting a tattoo on the back of your arm is also more painful, however, it’s a smooth canvas to work on and gives you more freedom for inking your design. This is a great place for geometric art.

Edge of Your Hand

Getting a commemorative tattoo is personal. You may not want to show it off to the world like your other tattoos. A tattoo on the edge of your hand is less obvious, more minimalist, and unique.

The Fingertip

Finger tattoos are great but they’re also full of nerves so expect some pain and stinging. Since we use our hands often, finger tattoos are more high maintenance. This can result in the tattoo fading with time so you’ll have to take extra precautions to keep them looking fresh and beautiful.

Making Sense of Crazy 2020

Good years aren’t always marked by financial success, travel, the number of friends we meet, and packed schedules. Sometimes, they happen quietly, amid challenges that push us to overcome and be better. 

A commemorative tattoo for 2020 doesn’t necessarily mean that it was a great year for you but it can be a symbol that you struggled, survived, and grew as a person.

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