#thinkfirst – just take a moment – you could save lives, RCMP launches social media campaign, Halifax, N.S.

The holidays are a time when Nova Scotians are planning ahead for the festivities of the season – What do I wear to the party? Who do I invite to dinner? Do I buy that person a gift? Is my Christmas sweater ugly enough? It seems people think first before doing almost everything but have you thought about how you will get around?

Between December 22nd, 2014 and January 2nd, 2015 the RCMP in Nova Scotia will be asking citizens to #thinkfirst before having a drink or getting behind the wheel after a day or night of celebrations.

The tweets, some of which will spoof well known holiday songs and movies, will remind Nova Scotians to take a moment to plan ahead, do the right thing and be accountable for your decisions.

Social media users can join in the campaign by using the #thinkfirst hashtag and sharing how they will be planning ahead to get home safe.

‘Nova Scotians know that impaired driving kills yet many often fail to plan ahead and then end up in situations where they make the wrong decision,’ said Sgt. Alain LeBlanc. Sgt. LeBlanc talks about being accountable for your actions, ‘If you are writing a text to someone and it makes no sense then how does it make sense to drive a vehicle?’ ‘It is amazing how many situations someone can be in where they can save their life or someone else’s simply by doing the right thing’ added Sgt. LeBlanc.

The initiative is about getting citizens to #thinkfirst about lining up designated drivers for your party, not allowing someone impaired to get behind the wheel, and/or offering to be a designated driver.

With the public’s help we can make a difference and work towards reducing and hopefully some say eliminating all impaired drivers on our roads.

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