Thinner Thursday: Uninspired

This girl here?  Yeah this one.  The one whose blog you’re reading.  This girl does not feel up to blogging right now.  This girl?  She’s kind of bummed out.

It might be because she’s feels rather uninspired about the post she’s about to write.  Maybe it is that she knows she is overdue for a post.  Maybe it is because she doesn’t have a cute picture to post at the bottom.  Or maybe it is just because the washing machine is broken, she spent all day in a car, she’s spending her first holiday away from her husband and her stomach is hurting.
Yeah – it could be that.
But, today is Thursday.  And despite it all, I did manage to weigh myself this morning.  As for what I learned on Weight Watchers this week?  Yup – that would be pretty much nothing.  I mean, maybe I did learn something, but in my current uninspired state, it is just isn’t registering.
All week, I pretty much just looked forward to the gorge-fest that this coming week will be.  Weight Watchers – meet Thanksgiving.  Actually… don’t.  Sure sure – I know that you’re supposed to continue to follow your Weight Watchers plan throughout all the major (and delicious) holidays, but for one glorious long weekend, I am going to forget Weight Watchers even exists.  And if next week’s scale shows that I have gained, I’ll just jump right back on the Weight Watchers horse and kick it into high gear.
And so, here we go.  Hopefully this isn’t the last loss I’ll see for a few weeks.  I’m really hoping to get out of the 150s.  (But I am looking forward to pumpkin pie more!)
Week 0: 164 lbs
Week 1: 165 lbs 12 oz
Week 2: 165 lbs 2 oz
Week 3: 164 lbs 10oz
Week 4: 163 lbs 9 oz (loss of 1 lb)
Week 5: 163 lbs 12 oz
Week 6: 163 lbs 9 oz
Week 7: sick
Week 8:  162 lbs 4 oz (loss of 1 lb!)
Weight Watchers Starts: Initial Weigh in: 159 lbs
Week 15 and Day 1 of Weight Watchers: 156 lbs 12 oz (loss of over 5 lbs total!)
Week 16 and Day 8 of Weight Watchers: 155 lbs 10 oz (loss of 1 lbs!)
Week 17 and Day 15 of Weight Watchers: 153 lbs 0 oz (loss of 2 and a half lbs!!!!)
Week 18 and Day 22 of Weight Watchers: 152 lbs 5 oz (loss of 1 lbs)

I am blaming this week’s smaller than normal loss on something other than my dedication to Weight Watchers, but instead the normal fluctuations that a woman’s body goes through over the course of a month… (yadda, yadda, shut up Laura).  I’m pretty sure that I actually did pretty well on Weight Watchers again this week.  And a loss is a loss is a loss.  I’m only a couple pounds away from the 140s and that is SWEET!
I do need to try to get over the one problem I have with Weight Watchers: I almost-cheat.  Almost-cheating is eating a few bites of things here and there: a handful of cereal, a frozen fry (weird but good), etc.  Once I eat more than one or two bites, I tend to start marking them as points, but it is definitely a habit that I need to get out of.  It will certainly start to kick me firmly in my shrinking little behind, if it hasn’t already.
Anyway, for those out there who are going to be conscious of what you eat during this holiday season, good for you!  I’m proud of you and you’re doing the right thing.  For the rest of you who are going to enjoy every single bite of turkey, sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, rolls, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and ice cream:

ANTM: Nacho Libre Couture

Mouthwatering Meal at CUT Steakhouse