This is not okay: Commuter Sneakers

editors note: apologies if things were down for you on the weekend…we just went to a new server/self-hosting. Which means nothing to you the reader (everything stays exactly the same for now), except that it mucks things up as we (read: L-A’s husband) moved all of our content (all 530+ posts) from one part of the interwebs to another. Things should be getting back to normal now.

L-A: Now that I’m catching a bus downtown at a Reasonable Hour again (as opposed to student lifestyle) and walking down Barrington with all the other people going to work, I’m catching a glimpse of the work fashions in this city. This is not a commentary on your overall choices of work wear, no, this is all about your foot wear. More specifically, your need to wear sneakers to work.

I’m not talking about when you pair your kicks to match your outfit on purpose. That I can deal with. And often do it myself.

Adorbs. But maybe grab a coffee before work instead a bottle of vodka.

Depending on where you work, that could be a perfectly acceptable outfit. But that kind of sneaker wearing is not my problem. No, it’s this kind:

Mother. Effing. Commuting. Sneakers.

Seriously, ladies. Why? You are walking to work, not running a marathon. I’m pretty sure when you get up in the morning and choose your outfit, you’re not thinking, “what will turn this perfectly good outfit into ugly and fast?”  If you are, then fine. You’ve done it. You look like this:

Can I get an "oh honey no"?

I’m assuming that isn’t what you were going for when you woke up this morning.

So tomorrow, ladies of the commuter sneaker, let’s try something new. Wear a proper shoe. Not your heels – those are for keeping under your desk. A flat of any kind will be a good start. I understand the need for comfort – trust me, I do. But comfortable also comes in pretty. Let’s wear something that isn’t bright white and made for the sporting life.

And if you insist that you must wear a sneaker to work because you actually do run a half marathon to get to work, then let’s talk about the following options:

1. wear your non-work clothes and change when you get to work.

2. find less ugly sneakers. Some examples:



You can do this ladies. I believe in you.

Ally: As I nod my head in agreement, whilst pouring coffee down my throat in a quiet HRM suburb, I’m reminded that I am likely going to be wearing leggings as pants today and hair in a top knot. Yes, friends. That is what we call a “home office day”. So I will put my typing fingers down and judge not. My favourite part of the work week are L-A’s #metrotransitfashionreports. You can find them on our twitter feed. They’re awesome.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Loving our self-hosted site! Post on our Sephora finds to come this week. Can you handle it? Likely you can. Just checking.



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