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This Week on ‘The Voice’

This Week on ‘The Voice’ I’m really having a hard time getting into The Voice this season. I think the show is better suited to being on once a year. I’m experiencing serious singing-competition fatigue, and the fact that I’m about as excited about the new Idol judges as I am about a sack of rocks isn’t helping matters.

The show is definitely getting prioritized lower and lower as other shows start up again this season, but I’m still managing to watch on DVR – for now. Here’s some of the artists that stood out to me, good and bad, this week.



  • Melanie Martinez, the adorable girl with the two-toned hair! I liked her a lot, even though her voice isn’t particularly strong. I loved that she covered a Britney song, and played a drum with her feet.
  • Brian Scartocci, the bald guy with glasses who sang Stevie Wonder. I liked some of his stylistic choices, and he kind of looks like my fiancee.
  • Nicholas David, the guy who died a cool rendition of “Stand By Me” was also a favorite. Despite the beard.
  • I didn’t exactly love Alessandra Guercio’s performance of “The Climb”, but she can definitely sing and I think there’s potential there.
  • The best we’ve seen all season, I think, was Avery Wilson. The kid is seriously good. He’s win-the-show good, and have-an-actual-career good. Amazing vocals, stage presence, good looking kid. That’s a killer combination. I think he should have picked Christina because she knows what it is to be a young prodigy and to have that gift, but Cee Lo essentially called him the Jesus of Music, so he went with Cee Lo.


  • The “Cupid Shuffle” guy. Dude, really? Why would you sing that song? Epic mistake.
  • Beat Frequency, the husband/wife duo that Christina chose. They were awful! Why did she pick them? What a mistake.



  • Why the hell didn’t anyone turn around for the woman who sang “I Have Nothing”? She wasn’t perfect, but she was damn good! Come on X-tina, she was better than Beat Freakin’ Frequency.
  • She might not have quite the range of Kelly Clarkson, but little Joselyn Rivera was pretty darn good, and she’s cute as a button. I hope Christina can bring out the best in her.
  • When I hear “Benji” I think “small, heroic dog”, but that’s also the name of a star contestant on The Voice this season. I liked him a lot, and I think he could be a really diverse artist.
  • Oh no! An orphan in a newsboy cap? The Voice is really trying to bring on the waterworks this season. Mycle Wastman is really, really good. I want him to sing me to sleep every night for the rest of the year. I don’t know why Christina didn’t turn around, other than she never seems to do so when the other boys do and she knows she won’t win.


  • This wasn’t bad exactly, but the super-theatrical middle-aged woman singing a Demi Lovato song was rather odd. I mean, she was 52. And she sang like Stevie Nicks on Broadway. But she was singing the song that a Disney factory tween star put out after going to rehab for a laundry list of problems. It was weird.

This Week on ‘The Voice’

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