Thousands of electric ranges recalled due to fire and burn hazards

Fire and burn hazards prompt expanded recall of Frigidaire and Kenmore Elite electric ranges

Expanded recall involves fire and burn hazards from electric ranges sold in Canada and the United States

Issue overview

Electrolux has announced an expanded recall involving certain models of Frigidaire® and Kenmore Elite® smooth-top freestanding electric ranges. These ranges, which feature rotary knobs and digital readouts, have been identified as posing fire and burn hazards. The recall affects units with specific model and serial numbers, which can be located on an information plate found by opening the drawer at the bottom of the range.

Hazard details

The recall addresses issues where the surface heating elements on the affected ranges can turn on spontaneously without being switched on, fail to turn off after being switched off, or heat to different temperatures than selected. These malfunctions present significant risks to users, including potential fires and burns. Since the initial recall in 2009, Electrolux has received reports of these hazards occurring in both Canada and the United States.

Incident reports

In Canada, there have been at least two reports of affected ranges turning on without the controls being activated. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. However, in the United States, there have been 212 reports of erratic behavior in the ranges, including 14 fires and eight injuries, such as burns to hands or arms and smoke inhalation.

Consumer guidance

Electrolux advises consumers to immediately contact the company to either obtain a free inspection and repair, where possible, or to receive an electronic gift card. Consumers whose ranges do not exhibit the specified conditions may continue to use their ranges while awaiting repair. For ranges that are unrepairable, consumers will receive a $50 electronic gift card and reimbursement of up to $60 for the haul-away fee of the old range, provided they submit proof of purchase of a new range and the haul-away fee paid.

Safety recommendations

Consumers are reminded to always refrain from leaving items on the cooking surface of their ranges when unattended and to follow the safety guidelines outlined in the Use and Care Guide. For more information, consumers can contact Electrolux toll-free by telephone at 888-845-9104, by e-mail at, or visit the company website.

Regulatory context

This recall is a joint effort involving Health Canada, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC), and the Electrolux Group. Health Canada emphasizes that the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act prohibits the redistribution, sale, or giveaway of recalled products. Consumers are encouraged to report any health or safety incidents related to this or any other consumer product by filling out the Consumer Product Incident Report Form.

Global reach

The recall is also posted on the OECD Global Portal on Product Recalls website, providing information on other international consumer product recalls.

Product details

Approximately 54,230 units of the affected products were sold in Canada and 203,000 units were sold in the United States. The affected products were manufactured from June 2001 to July 2009, with origins in both Canada and the United States.

Contact information

Consumers seeking more details or needing to address the recall should reach out to Electrolux via the provided contact methods. Joint efforts from multiple regulatory bodies aim to ensure consumer safety and proper handling of the recalled products.

Models affected:

Base ModelSerial Number RangeBrand
C970-68802NF122xxxxx to NF806xxxxxKenmore Elite
C970-68803NF122xxxxx to NF806xxxxxKenmore Elite
C970-68804NF122xxxxx to NF806xxxxxKenmore Elite
C970-68808NF122xxxxx to NF806xxxxxKenmore Elite
C970-68809NF122xxxxx to NF806xxxxxKenmore Elite
C970-68830NF122xxxxx to NF806xxxxxKenmore Elite
C970-68832NF122xxxxx to NF806xxxxxKenmore Elite
C970-68833NF122xxxxx to NF806xxxxxKenmore Elite
C970-69803NF122xxxxx to NF806xxxxxKenmore Elite
C970-69804NF122xxxxx to NF806xxxxxKenmore Elite
C970-69808NF122xxxxx to NF806xxxxxKenmore Elite
C970-69809NF122xxxxx to NF806xxxxxKenmore Elite
CGLEF396ASVF122xxxxx to VF929xxxxxFrigidaire
CGLEFM97DBVF122xxxxx to VF929xxxxxFrigidaire
CGLEFM97DSVF122xxxxx to VF929xxxxxFrigidaire
CPLEF398ACVF122xxxxx to VF929xxxxxFrigidaire
CPLEF398CCVF122xxxxx to VF929xxxxxFrigidaire
CPLEF398DCVF122xxxxx to VF929xxxxxFrigidaire
CPLEFM99ECVF122xxxxx to VF929xxxxxFrigidaire
CPLEFMZ9GCVF122xxxxx to VF929xxxxxFrigidaire
CPLEFZ98GCVF122xxxxx to VF929xxxxxFrigidaire
PGLEF388CSVF122xxxxx to VF929xxxxxFrigidaire
PGLEF388ESVF122xxxxx to VF929xxxxxFrigidaire

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