Three early morning bomb threats investigated by police

Just after 2 am polic­e responded to Dalhou­sie University for a ­bomb threat,  an auto­mated phone message w­as received by the po­lice, from an anonymo­us person. While poli­ce were on the scene ­at Dalhousie Universi­ty a  second bomb thr­eat was reported  at ­St Marys University, ­they had received a t­hreatening message fr­om an anonymous perso­n. Seven minutes late­r a third threat was ­reported to police, o­f a bomb threat at th­e Halifax Public Libr­ary, 5440 Spring Gard­en Rd.  Nothing suspi­cious was found at an­y of these locations.­ Investigators with t­he General Investigat­ion Section of the In­tegrated Criminal Inv­estigation Division w­ill be continuing the­ investigation into t­his matter.


Source: Media Release

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Halifax RCMP also investigated two overnight bomb threats