Three Great Canadian Games To Play Online

There is no doubt that online games have greatly increased in popularity throughout the world. Online games offer lots of amazing features that help to keep players glued to their screens for long hours. The Canadian people are also not left behind when it comes to playing online games. As things stand, there are three different types of online games that are highly popular in the country. Let’s delve deeper into these three great Canadian online games that have taken the Canadian audience by storm.

  1. Age of Gods

This interesting online game while popular amongst online game enthusiasts in Canada is also quite popular in other parts of the world as well. Its popularity is associated with the massive and progressive wins that players get when luck falls on them. The game is characterized with lots of slot series and every part of the game features five reels with twenty pay line slots. The game depicts a Greek mythology theme and players are required to spin the reels in order to win. It is quite an interesting game that keeps players totally engrossed in it for long periods of hours.

The game was developed by a company known as Playtech, the same one that developed Age of the Gods. Since the launch of the game by the company, it really gained popularity in Canada, where the youth and middle-aged people play it alike. It has got impressive features yet it is so easy to play. There are several bonuses and free spins available for beginner players that are designed to enable them get better as players. The game also comes with an intuitive user interface with amazing graphics and audio that makes it even more interesting to the players.

  1. Wheel of Fortune

The wheel of fortune is yet another popular online game that is played by so many players in Canada. Themed from the popular TV game show famously known by the same name, Ubisoft just created an online version of the games for players to keep themselves busy. Ubisoft brought the game to Xbox One offering authentic gameplay, customizable characters and online multi-players.

The wheel of fortune online features four game mode offerings for players to choose from. These include; quick, classic, family (featuring easier puzzles with longer timers), and online. There is also an offline mode that supports solo play as well as local multilayer up to three players. Playing with less than three players is possible as the empty slots are filled with artificial intelligence players.

The classic mode of the game is the main thrill of the game. It features three toss-up rounds, four ordinary rounds plus the bonus round offered to the winner. As the game starts, the word puzzles start out when they are blank. These eventually get filled either by the players of the hosts.

In the toss-up mode, wheel spinning is not involved. Instead, hosts slowly uncover letters there until there are no blank letters remaining. The players can come again and then attempt solving the puzzle when sufficient letters have been revealed. The winning player in this round gets some money and is given priority to be the first player in the next round.

The regular rounds work more like hangman. However, there is an addition of the wheel. The active player when beginning his/her turn spins the wheel. The player wins when it stops on the winning spot.

  1. Beach Life

Developed by DR Studios, Beach Life is another online game that is highly popular in Canada. The game is themed on a business management strategy setting in which a player acts the role of a manager for a resort or a tourist island. The reason for the fanatical following of the game in Canada and possibly other parts of the world is its highly interactive nature. It makes the player set his/her mind fully in it and when the player progresses, they get motivation to become better managers of the holiday resort.

There are two modes that the game comes in which includes scenario mode and sandbox mode. Scenario is the primary playing mode from which a player can go to the more complex sandbox mode. However, getting to sandbox mode can only be achieved after facing a number of challenges and overcoming them. There are quite a number of add-ons that a player can get along the way. These may include bonuses designed to help the player enhance their chances of winning the game. The game’s developers did a fantastic job by making the game to be more fun and enjoyable. They incorporated music options enabling players to add their favorite tunes which can be played in the background whilst they keep playing the game. 

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