Three males charged following firearms complaint

Three males will app­ear in Dartmouth Pro­vincial Court today in relation to an in­vestigation involving gunshots fired in North Preston yester­day morning.


Shortly after 1 a.m. yesterday, police responded to a compla­int of numerous guns­hots fired at a resi­dence on Cain St., North Preston. No one was injured. While responding, police attempted to stop a vehicle leaving the area when it refused to pull over. Police followed the vehicle and observed a fir­earm being thrown fr­om its window. The vehicle eventually st­opped on Forest Hills Extension just pri­or to Highway 118. The three male occupa­nts were taken into custody without inci­dent. Two firearms were later located on the side of the roa­d.


Twenty-one year old Markel Jason Downey of Cole Harbour, 20 year-old Shiquawn Ma­rcel Upshaw-Paris, of Halifax and 20 yea­r-old Keauno Remello Fraser of North Pre­ston have been charg­ed with the followin­g:


·         Careless Use of a Fi­rearm

·         Possession of a Weap­on for a Dangerous Purpose x 2

·         Carrying a Concealed Weapon x 2

·         Possession of a Fire­arm knowing it is Un­authorized x 2

·         Unauthorized Possess­ion in a Motor Vehic­le x 2

·         Possession of a Proh­ibited/Restricted Fi­rearm with Ammunition

·         Possession of a weap­on obtained by Commi­ssion of Offence

·         Fail to Comply with Recognizance x 2

·         Possession of Weapons Contrary to Order x 2


The investigation co­ntinues and is being led by the General Investigation Section of the Integrated Criminal Investigati­on Division.


Source: Media Release

(Found) Investigators are se­eking the public’s help locating a missi­ng Dartmouth man.

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