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Time Well Spent: 5 minutes

by Sarah W of HRM Parent


My husband and I watched a movie over the weekend that really hit a nerve.  In a nutshell, the parents in the movie had lost a child and during their grieving process, started recounting the things they should have done for or with their child. To have only had that time back – even just 5 more minutes.

I got in bed that night and of course started thinking. Thinking about how often I say things like “not right now”, “in a minute”, “maybe next time” to the kids; thinking about how often the TV replaces potential catch-up time, or how much time we waste doing things that don’t really matter as much as spending time with our children.   Thinking about how short 5 minutes is…but how much you can still do with your child in that length of time.

Of course, that sparked a whole new thought process and I started making a mental list of some simple yet sublime things you can do with your kids in only 5 minutes.  It’s a list that’s still growing in my head but was getting long enough that I needed to start writing it down.  So here it is… just 5 minutes…. 1/12th of an hour….a mere 300 seconds…what are you waiting for?

Start a Saturday morning family cuddle in your bed

Time Well Spent: 5 minutes

Give in and say yes to a “please just one more…” request

Read an extra book at night

Turn the music up loud and just sing

Teach your child to play tic-tac-toe

Time Well Spent: 5 minutes

Recount a funny story from when you were a child

Play a round of charades

Throw ALL the toys in the bath for an extra long soak

Learn to say “I love you” in 2 other languages

 Time Well Spent: 5 minutes

Head outside for quick game of catch

Play hide-and-seek

Take some extra time and braid your daughter’s hair

Time Well Spent: 5 minutes

Chill in the car for a few minutes together before going in to start the evening rush

Teach your son how to (pretend) shave

Show them pictures of when you were a child

Grab a flashlight and make some shadow puppets

Time Well Spent: 5 minutes

Paint all 10 fingernails a different colour

Let them brush your teeth for a change

Infant massage – such great bonding time

Make a paper airplane together

 Time Well Spent: 5 minutes

Teach your child a knock-knock joke

At supper each night, have everyone say what the “best part of their day” was

Make a family sized ice cream sundae with spoons for all

Make a stop by the photo-booth at the mall

Time Well Spent: 5 minutes

Sit up close in front of a mirror with your baby

Have a staring contest

Hug….for 5 whole minutes….just hug!!!

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/hrmparent/CLkz/~3/mUW44uWonIg/

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