Time Well Spent: Holiday Fun from Owlkids Books

For over 35 years, Owlkids has been publishing books like Why?, the Canadian Flyer Adventures Series, Learn to Speak Music and magazines such as Chirp, chickaDEE, and OWL that engage children, speak to their natural curiosity, and encourage them to explore their creativity. So they’re the perfect people to advise us all on how to keep our kids busy over the holidays! Check out their ideas below.


As if all the cooking, decorating, wrapping, shopping, and shoveling that descends upon us all in the last few weeks of December weren’t enough, pretty soon your kids are going to be off school for winter break, too. You’re bound to hear at least one cry of, “Mom, I’m bored!” over those two weeks (even with all the new toys around), but luckily Owlkids has pages and pages of solutions for fidgety kids stuck indoors on a chilly day.


Over the past year, we’ve been posting our favourite crafts from the magazines to our Facebook page.  Like us, then check out our Crafty Fridays photo album.

Time Well Spent: Holiday Fun from Owlkids Books

It contains dozens of simple and fun crafts for ages 3-13, all of which can be done using materials you already have at home. (You might even remember some of the crafts from your own days as a chickaDEE or OWL reader!)Time Well Spent: Holiday Fun from Owlkids Books Time Well Spent: Holiday Fun from Owlkids Books
Our website also has lots of fun and free activities that you can print right from your home computer. My favourites are the sample pages you can download for our My Beastly Book series. This is a hilarious doodle book series that kids can’t get enough of. What other drawing books out there would ask you to “draw what your Dad looks like when you won’t eat your vegetables?” If the sample pages aren’t enough, or you want to wrap one of these up as a gift, you can buy all four books in the series here .

Time Well Spent: Holiday Fun from Owlkids Books

Happy Holidays from Owlkids!

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