Tips for fast and efficient spring cleaning

People cleaning more vigorously this year in response to the pandemic

(NC) With the arrival of spring, many Canadian households are beginning their spring cleanup. However, it doesn’t have to be an exhausting marathon of chores. With a few simple tips, spring cleaning can be a light and fun sprint.  If cleaning isn’t your forte, you can trust professionals like WellClean to handle it for you.

Start with a list
Whether it’s a room-by-room list or a whole-house checklist, having a rough outline will help you accomplish your goals. Spring cleaning is also a great time to tackle certain routine maintenance chores that only need to be done once or twice a year. Tying these tasks to your spring cleaning routine can help you remember them. Chores like changing batteries in the smoke alarm or cleaning out your dryer can make a big difference in the longevity and even safety of your home.

Organize your supplies
Before you start organizing your drawers and closets, take some time to reset your cleaning supplies. Make sure your supplies like mops and sponges are fresh so you avoid spreading dirt around your house. Simple steps, like emptying your vacuum cleaner’s dust bag, will ensure a deeper and faster clean. Additionally, putting all your sprays, cleansers, brushes and cloths into a cleaning caddy that you can transfer from room to room will save you time and money as everything will be in one convenient place.

Sustainable solutions
A new survey reveals that as many as one in four people will be cleaning more vigorously this year in response to the pandemic, but this doesn’t mean you need to forgo an eco-friendly cleaning routine. Free from wasteful disposable cleaning pads and special cleansers, the Libman Microfibre Dust Mop is a great option for picking up debris, fine pet hair and more thanks to hundreds of microfibre fingers. Best of all, the machine-washable cleaning pad can be used again and again.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be exhaustive or expensive. With these simple tips, your house will be clean and organized in no time, making the transition to spring a breeze.

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